When we first launched Absorb Plus back in 2002, we were only thinking about how it would be so valuable for my readers with Crohn’s, colitis and diverticulitis – another great healing therapy to add to their toolkit.

Then, we started getting emails from people who had passed on a tub of Absorb Plus to a friend or family member with Cancer. And we discovered that Absorb Plus elemental diet shakes were really helpful to cancer patients pre- or post-surgery, or during chemotherapy, or other treatments that left them nauseous, or with a poor appetite.

Then lo and behold I found this paragraph from a med journal paper about elemental diets and cancer, from way back in 1975!

Elemental diets may have an important part to play in the management of severely debilitated patients suffering from cancer. In addition to promoting a positive metabolic balance, there is evidence from animal and human studies that chemically defined diets may protect the patient from weight loss and rectal lesions during chemotherapy.(96,97)  The cancer patient may also obtain some benefit during radiotherapy.(98)  In many patients with cancer there are secondary atrophic changes in the small intestinal mucosa leading to a degree of malabsorption,(99) and elemental diet therapy may improve their protein-calorie malnutrition and in some cases the secondary malabsorption.

I must also add that a friend of mine’s father was suffering from colon cancer and he said that the rectal fissures (exacerbated by the chemo) were worse than the cancer. My friend sent him a box of FissureHeal and her father was over the moon with gratitude. Since FissureHeal are expensive (because they’re handmade by a pharmacist), there are a few low-cost remedies for anal fissures you can try first and then only purchase FissureHeal if you need to.

You can download the complete 1975 paper on Elemental Diets here if you like.

And take a look at this Cancer is Curable film.