This short, sweet video follows a Swedish family who normally eats conventional (non-organic) food. Their urine is analyzed for chemicals and then they switch to entirely certified organic foods for 2 weeks. Then their urine is re-tested. You decide whether the difference is worth the higher price of organic food:

On my priority list, eating certified organic and pasture-raised meats comes way before a TV, or cell phone, or many of the items that most people own who state they ‘cannot afford’ to eat natural foods. For those of you who really cannot afford it, or need to ease your way into the transition, here’s my grocery list guidelines for when you can’t afford to eat organic.

Detox Pesticide Chemicals by Eating Organic for 2 Weeks!
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One thought on “Detox Pesticide Chemicals by Eating Organic for 2 Weeks!

  • Removing the chemicals from your urine is not the same as removing them from your body. The toxic effects and stored chemicals take more time and detoxing herbs. Two weeks is often enough time to clear your head and help you to see better:)

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