Craniosacral Therapy Or Surgery for Abdominal Issues?We recently received an email from one of my readers who had a colonoscopy, and his GI told him he had a twisted colon that may be contributing to his chronic constipation. So, I want to share with you this story that I shared with him which is part of the new content I’ve added to the THIRD edition of LTYG!

Craniosacral Therapy Or Surgery?

I once had a phone consultation with a woman who had given birth four months previously. And since then had heartburn so severe that even the prescription medications weren’t working.

Then an ultrasound showed an unidentified mass the size of a baseball in her abdomen, so the doctors were now wanting to do a full panel of gastrointestinal exploratory tests – and possibly surgery.

Understandably, she was very worried, and coupled with the stress and sleep- deprivation of a newborn, you can just imagine this poor woman’s state.

The Choice is Yours

After a thorough discussion with her, I presented her with my opinion.

I summarized, “You’re understandably very scared right now and receiving a lot of pressure from doctors to proceed with the exploratory tests/ surgery as soon as possible. However, you are faced with a choice. You can pursue the non-invasive healing methods first and see if that works. If it doesn’t, the exploratory tests and surgery are always going to be there for you. If you take two weeks to explore kinder, gentler methods of healing, is that going to make so much difference to your prognosis?”

I told her about the kind of things that craniosacral therapy can help with. And especially since she’d just been through pregnancy and childbirth (which can really move around the internal organs and intestines) I suggested she start with that first. Luckily, she was in a city close to mine. So I was able to refer her to a top-notch craniosacral therapist named Henry Epp (in Vancouver, Canada).

Close Up Of A Relaxed Young Woman Having Reiki Healing Treatment

I also suggested she simultaneously see a naturopath just to cover all possibilities.

A Natural Path to Healing

After only two sessions with Henry, she discontinued her heartburn medication and had no remaining heartburn whatsoever. In fact, she felt such a change in her body that she had her doctor re-do the ultrasound. The baseball-sized mass had completely disappeared and no further testing or surgery was required.

Needless to say, she was overjoyed. Now just imagine the incredible amount of illness and trauma she saved herself by pursuing a natural path of healing first.

The possibilities for healing IBS and IBD-related conditions through craniosacral therapy are immense. I recommend everyone reading this book to find a good practitioner and have at least one or two sessions to see for yourself, the relief possible through craniosacral therapy.

To find a practitioner in your area, use the search tool at Specify a practitioner at Level II or higher.

– Excerpted from Listen To Your Gut (3rd Edition) Ch.6

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p.p.s. For all issues with pregnancy, craniosacral also works wonders!