constipation-reportMany of my readers are pretty rigorous researchers and experimenters too, so every now and then someone sends me something I think is worth sharing, or passing along.

This reader suffered greatly and having come up with a way to deal with his condition (chronic constipation, anismus and rectal prolapse) he asked if I wanted to make his report available for free to all of you. So we did some basic editing and formatting and got it ready for y’all! As Joseph writes:

“I had to scour medical journals, subscribe to medical and nursing websites, seek help from numerous consultants, speak to endless nurses, try many variations in diet and various techniques and, ultimately, I even underwent an operation. I was amazed at how such a simple problem was so poorly treated and seemed so difficult to address within the current treatment paradigms. After two long years of suffering, I finally found the two solutions that worked best for me. I came across these solutions through a combination of research and trial and error, and I haven’t looked back.

This report aims to lay out the known causes for chronic constipation, and to inform people of the various solutions offered in medicine, surgery, nursing and alternative practices. I’ll also offer the two secret weapons that have given me my life back.”

Of course, I have my own protocols for root-level healing of constipation (which is a complex, multi-faceted condition), but I believe Joseph’s report provides a rather interesting perspective and may be helpful to some of you. So here it is (right-click and SAVE As…):

DOWNLOAD Liberate Yourself From Constipation by Joseph Patrick

Obviously, this is a very intimate subject (and not for the squeamish!), so my reader chose to use a pen name – Joseph Patrick – instead of his real name. But he has provided his email at the end of the report, so feel free to contact Joseph directly with any questions.

Constipation, Anismus & Prolapse – Radical Solution

5 thoughts on “Constipation, Anismus & Prolapse – Radical Solution

  • Jini – Do you have any suggestions on fecal incontinence which apparently came from the rectal prolapse affecting my sphincter. I am being treated for severe hypothyroidism (had RAI of thyrroid for Graves disease) and being that hypo caused bad gut motility and severe constipation, thus the prolapse. The colorectal surgeon said my muscle tone was still prertty good after an exam and said to try pelvic PT and push it in manually if kegeling did not retract it. I have just started pelvic PT. However, after I got the prolapse I started to have some leakage from the rectum, not a lot but still stains my underwear. Because of the prolapse it irritates if I put a pad in that area. Since I am prone to UtI’s it worries me that it will run down to the urethra area. I actually think manually pushing it in made the situation worse as fecal incontinence started right after doing that

    I did some research and found out that when you have irritation or inflammation in the rectal/anal area as I do from unconsiously wiping and washing my prolapse excess mucous is produced. I believe even tho I still have “OK sphincter muscle tone?” the excess mucous leaks out with the prolapse. Unfortunately I have gone past the point where it only comes out during a BM.

    Do you think the PT will help enough so I stop the leakage? The doctor is out for 4 months on maternity leave but when I saw her she said the prolapse was not bad enough for surgery, however, I did not have the leakage when I saw her, just the prolapse.

    Thank you for any thoughts on this and thank you for a wonderful informative site.

  • I have anismus I am going for a 2nd round of Bio feedback…..does probiotics help, does ANYTHING help. I had a prolapse I recieved a sigmoind resection…..still cant poop but i puke less from the lack of relief…..just tired of friends saying it because I dont take probiotics…am I wrong

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