Did you know you can get Hepatitis C, HIV or even a mycobacterium infection (MAP) from a colonic?

Just like a colonoscopy, if the therapist does not use a disposable tip and tube, you risk disease transmission.

Join me in this podcast with the renowned Bianca James from the Sydney Colon Health Clinic  (she’s the one who helped Dr. Thomas J. Borody develop his fecal infusion protocol) as we discuss topics such as:


–  what someone in any country needs to look for in a practitioner and how to find a qualified practitioner.

– WHAT colon hydrotherapy is – perhaps you’re a newbie and know nothing about it and maybe even feel nervous about it.

– size of tube, how many insertions, how long does it take, how do I feel afterwards, etc.

– who should have it done and Bianca’s thoughts regarding frequency, etc.

– Bianca’s opinion on raw foodists who recommend a colonic every day for a month and then once per month thereafter.

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My Personal Opinion on Colonics

Note: I have to mention, that my personal opinion on colonic hydrotherapy is that it is not required or beneficial for normal, ongoing functioning. From my research and experience, I have to conclude that a good balance of healthy microorganisms in the bowel should not be messed with.

There are certain instances where a colonic, or series of colonics can be beneficial: When you’ve been constipated for longer than 8 months, or in disease states (as Bianca discusses), colonics can be necessary for a period of time. But once the flora is balanced and healthy, I feel there are better tools to ensure digestive health and that colon hydrotherapy is too disruptive and should not be utilized on an ongoing basis.

If you need to have regular, repeated, ongoing colon hydrotherapy or enemas in order to feel “clean” or to get your bowel functioning regularly, then you are treating the symptom, not the cause. Many ‘health gurus’ recommend daily enemas as the basis for health. However, this is a very good way to destroy the healthy bacterial flora in your bowel, damage the muscle tone of your intestinal walls and interfere long-term with peristalsis. Just use your common sense: Is there any healthy tribe of humans (no degenerative disease, tooth decay rate of less than 1%) that have been giving themselves daily enemas or colonics?

You also need to examine the language used by those who recommend daily or weekly colonics or enemas – they will talk a lot about feeling clean and pure. This is not so much a physical phenomena as a spiritual/emotional one. Humans are teeming with bacteria. In most parts of the world we co-exist happily with parasites, viruses and fungus. Nature is not “clean”. The basis for the natural world and the natural life is mother earth – and healthy earth is filled with worms, insects, microorganisms, etc. So if you need to feel “clean” I would encourage you to look at your emotional/spiritual life – what lies have you accepted about being “dirty”? What traumas do you need to heal? Where do you need to forgive yourself? What guilt are you carrying?

The secret to strong, ongoing bowel health is a healthy diet (that naturally nourishes, detoxifies and builds vitality), probiotics, exercise, and lots of joy and fun in your life.

Listen To Your Gut
Listen To Your Gut
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