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Well, I’m just finishing up the layout and design of my new book on natural healing for CONSTIPATION.

Originally, this was supposed to be a short, 40-50 page guide. However, in order to do a GOOD job with the topic and provide enough information and protocols so that the highest number of people would achieve success…. well, it’s now a 140 page book.

The ironic thing is that after 20 years of loose stools (I purposely kept them loose as my rectal sphincter would not open wider than a pencil), I experienced constipation for the first time about 2 years ago. My gut was basically so healthy that nothing I could do would produce loose stools!

You try getting a rectum that has passed nothing but watery mush for 20 years to try and pass large, formed stool… not nice. Those of you who were on the teleseminar with me and Dr. Gabor Mate know all about this problem!

But anyway, the bottom line is that, once again, having to actually heal constipation in my own body has produced in-depth, practical, highly effective tools for dealing with and healing this condition.

Just like in Listen To Your Gut, I present both short-term remedies (cause when ya gotta go, ya really need to go soon!) and long-term solutions that heal the underlying, root causes of constipation.

From my own experience and working with numerous readers, I have also ascertained that there are actually TWO different kinds of constipation. I have called these Peristaltic Constipation and Stenosis Constipation. And the treatments and protocols are different depending on which one you suffer from.

So now that you know what the book is about – I need your help in selecting a title for the book!

The one I’m thinking of is:

LISTEN TO YOUR COLON: The Complete Natural Healing Guide For Constipation

Please let me know what you think of this title, or if you have a title you think would be better – write your thoughts in the COMMENTS section just below.

If you want more information on what exactly is in the book, click here for details on the book content. You can see I’m using Listen To Your Colon as the working title, but we haven’t gone to print yet, so I’m open to suggestions…

You can also pre-purchase the book at a large discount – the pre-pub special – if you like.

But, everyone who leaves a comment below will be entered in a draw to win a free copy of this book once it’s printed. I will announce the winner in one week’s time.

p.s. If you pre-purchase the book and then win the free copy, of course I’ll refund your money : )
Just type your thoughts about the title in the LEAVE A REPLY box below.

thanks for your help,

p.s. also, let me know what you think of the book cover design…..

Need A Title For My New Book on Constipation!

45 thoughts on “Need A Title For My New Book on Constipation!

  • Hi Jini

    Firstly congratulations on your new book! I’m sure that it will help many people.
    Having suffered from constipation myself in the past I was thinking that if I was in a book store in the health section looking for a book about it I’d perhaps be looking for the word ”Constipation’ to be in the main part of the title. I think a lot of people wouldn’t connect with the word ‘colon’. I’m a health professional and am aware that many people don’t even know the meaning of the word. Perhaps ‘HEAL YOUR CONSTIPATION NATURALLY’ the complete natural healing guide’ or something to that effect? Just a suggestion……. Good luck! Noelene

  • I like the title you chose. Don’t change it. Everyone will know it’s yours, which is a good thing. You are trusted.

    I have never even come close to having a constipation problem, so maybe I’m not the one to ask about the image of your layout, but I don’t like it so much. Maybe just the (herbs, is it?) somewhat scattered/somewhat placed on a wooden cutting board that is placed diagonally (but not perpendicular) to the words/borders would be better — with the image being cut off in one to three directions and with a shallow aperture (focused in the foreground and the background is out of focus). But, blue is a good choice for the rest of the layout, just like you have it.


  • Dear Jini,

    Congratulations with your book.
    I liked the first title much better. It was a title with a ‘wink’. Because of the double meaning of the ‘gut’ word.
    Suggestion: more listen to your gut? And then the subtitle you already had. I also like the above suggestions very much (for the same reasons I mentioned above): You don’t need to be stuck: heal your constipation naturally.

    Good luck with chosing!


  • You title is good especially since you wrote the other book.
    another title I propose is :

    TO GO OR NOT TO GO: the complete natural guide to healing constipation

    Good luck.
    I like you lay out.

  • Your title is effective especially in regards to your other book.
    However here is one with a little Sakesperian pun;

    The complete natural guide to healing constipation

    your lay out is fine.
    Best of luck

  • hi.what a privilege to be asked to suggest a name for your book. the one name that jumps out at me is from one of your paragraphs of this email , wait for it -“the bottom line”.good luck.i also think the name you have is great as it is.but i want you to pick mine because i could get the free book.haha.if you keep it like it is people will know it must have something to do with you,just like with harry potter and the prisoner…. harry potter and the golden…etc.listen to your gut…listen to your colon/bye

  • I like the title! It stresses that you need to listen to your body, as you’ve done with listen to your gut. But, it might be good to to somehow highlight “constipation” on the front page. Either in another color, or below the blue stripe, in blue and larger than “The complete…”.

  • Hi Jini,
    First, I want to thank you, your products have improved my life!

    “Pay Attention and Go!”
    “Move out and move on”
    “Get going and go”
    “Listen and get clean”

    Anyway, good luck with your new book

  • Don’t mess with perfection “Listen to your …………..” is your trademark. Can’t wait to read the book and all its helpful hints as I wane back and forth between, you know what and constipation. Having a bout with the later right now! LOL
    Thanks for all you do.

  • Hi Jini,
    I agree with Noelene. I think constipation should be in the main part of the title for book search purposes.
    I don’t much like this cover…the bowl of herbs makes me think of well, a bowl of bowels. haha. Maybe the herbs could be fresh ones so they aren’t brown.

  • I have had peristaltic constipation since I was 3 – I took senna for 30 years as an adult, and am now trying to wean myself off with magnesium (large amounts that give me the
    runs) I feel quite helpless at times, and a prisoner of my body – my suggestion for a title
    would be “No Way Out : the Poop on Constipation” I look forward to reading your new

  • I love the cover and title of your new book. It looks very familiar like your other books. I would not change a thing. Your books and products and protocol saved my life! I don’t know where I would be if I had not found your help. Keep up the great work that you do and I will be forever grateful. Thanks a million!

  • Jini congrats on the new book….my ideas fo a title are””Getting Unstuck” with the tagline as you have it….or “From Constipation to Colon Balance” with the tagline or “Keeping Your Colon Going:Ending Constipation”

  • Hi Jini,

    If you indeed want to leverage the “Listen to…” brand, then you might want to stick with what you have. That said, I have a good bit of paid experience in book titling (check out, then Mentoring, then Titling Credits), and have a few ideas. Since it’s a how-to book, I say you need to tell people what the “promise” is – the benefit they’ll get from reading the book.

    It’s the old Features/benefits Equation from sales: Don’t talk about what the book is about (features), talk instead about the desirable end result that will resonate with a reader. According to that standard, LTYC doesn’t really work. More importantly, it doesn’t necessarily lead me to believe it’s a book about constipation specifically, just about my colon (heck, it could be about flatulence…;)

    With that in mind, a few ideas off the top of my head:

    Get Moving!

    The Happy Colon

    The Blissful Colon

    Bathroom Bliss

    A New Movement

    (Course, you could go waaaaay overboard with this theme: The Divine Dump, A Potty Party, Regular Rapture….okay, I’ll stop…)

    Good luck with it!


  • congrats on the new book — when I can not go, pain is usually involved so the first thoughts are
    “OHHH – why can’t I go?” and then in a smaller print – “How to deal with constipation” if its only natural remodies you recommend then I would add that to the title too.
    Good luck.

  • I also think the name is good as is, it fits in with your other books. Your information has helped me so much with my colitis that I refer to your books when ever I come across someone that is suffering. I like the color of the cover but the toilet paper and bowl doesn’t do it for me. I like Carmelita’s idea about the herbs and cutting board. Or maybe you could have pictures of some of the herbs used for healing purposes. Keep up the good work and thanks……………

  • I think you title is good but here is an idea.

    “The Dirty Little Secret – Constipation” or “Secrets of Your Colon”

    Keep the tagline – “The Complete Natural Healing Guide to Constipation”

  • “Why Am I Constipated?” Jini’s first book answered a lot of questions I had and healed me. thank you so much for that book!! I don’t like the bowl and toilet paper on the cover either.

  • “Listen to your Colon” is a super name, Jini – branding, think branding! (also think “capturing website visitor’s attention and contact information”…;-) – you are a good businesswoman, keep it up….Loved yr YouTube vid re: how to take Oil of Wild Oregano, my whole family up to my 81 yr. old mother is benefitting, as we now know how to take Strauss Heartdrops also…All the best, Jacalyn

  • I think you should get rid of Listen to your Colon and use as the main title “The Complete Natural Healing Guide for Constipation”. The blue and white cover is clean looking. Perhaps instead of the toilet roll etc. you could use something natural like fruit (not prunes but attractive colourful fruits). Also, you could use colourful vegetables instead or as well.

    Congratulations on getting your book finished and I wish you every success with it.

  • Those who know Jini’s books will see her name or picture immediately and want to buy it. Those who do not know her will just be looking for something direct I believe such as STOP CONSTIPATION FOREVER, or END CONSTIPATION NOW then with something underneath to indicate it will be with natural methods such as Donna Walkers tagline suggstion
    I don’t think the average person knows doodly squat about their colon–so let them read about that on the inside.

  • I would make the title of the book “The Complete Natural Healing Guide for Constipation” and get rid of Listen to Your Colon. The blue and white colours of the cover are great. I would take away the bowl and toilet roll and perhaps put something colourful like a bowl of various fruits (not prunes) or even some colourful vegetables as well as fruit or instead of fruit.

    Congratulations on getting another book completed and I wish you every success with it.

  • I think you should have a contest for the wittiest titles!
    I laughed out loud at some of them!
    I agree, Listen to your Bowel doesn’t give the reader looking for results accurate info.
    My favorites so far: When Nature Stops Calling , Get Moving, A New Movement, all with the tag line of The Complete Natural Health Guide to Constipation.

  • Okay, many of you agreed with my attempt to continue the branding of the “Listen To Your…” line.

    BUT, many of you felt the main title needed to be more directly indicative of constipation.

    So how about:


    Do you like it, hate it? Please let me know…..


  • First of all, thank you for continuing to publish quality information about natural healing – Listen to Your Gut was a lifesaver for me. I prefer the original Listen to Your Colon title. I look forward to reading the new book.

  • As someon stated, most people will not associate colon with constipation. As Jini stated our rectum is usually a clue that we have constipation. so therefore……………LISTEN TO YOUR BUTT: The Complete Natural Healing Guide For Constipation

  • Jini,

    Um…hate it. I think you’re making the common mistake of trying to leverage a brand but sacrificing creativity and punch in the process (and ending up with sort of a weird result, to boot). Unless you know for a fact that you’ll be writing MANY books in the “Listen to Your…” series, I wouldn’t bend over backward to make something fit.

    Why not in smaller letters somewhere on the cover, have a line like, “Part of the ‘Listen to Your Gut’ series. If you really need to leverage that same brand, how about, “Listen to Your (Stopped-Up) Colon” (maybe with the “Stopped-Up” inserted above the main title in red, like a scribbled addition at the last minute)?

    If you’re not married to the “Listen to Your…” format, how about:

    Flush Constipation Forever!

    Just some thoughts…


  • Okay, I hear what you say Peter…

    And DC I would love to call it something funny like that. My favorite from Matt Stonewell – one of my readers (who also does some internet marketing for us) is:

    Shit Happens
    If You Read This Book

    …but…people who don’t know me might be really offended.

    Peter, along the lines of a benefit-driven title like you suggested before, and incorporating the ideas I see here for something more punchy, or a play on words, how about:

    NO PAIN NO STRAIN: The Complete Natural Healing Guide For Constipation

    Yes, I was planning to do a series of books on the “LIsten To Your…” theme, BUT, not at the cost of a weak, unappealing title.

  • Jini:

    I love the colour of your cover and actually don’t mind the bowl of bran cereal on the toilet paper. If the consensus is that the toilet paper has to go, then maybe photos of the fibre in their natural states and a source of water in the backdrop. However, I would not change your cover.

    My suggestion for your title is: “Listen to your Gut: Healing Constipation Naturally”.

    It’s funny how the universe directs us because I previously purchased your books because I self diagnosed myself with IBS but instead I now have been reviewing it because my daughter has just been diagnosed with Crohn’s with a fistula. It’s scary. I have been directing her to information in your book and I believe it helps show her that there are alternatives besides drugs and surgery.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Jini,

    How about:

    Your Colon Property: How to Pass GO!


    Your Colon: Go with your Flow the Natural way.


    Get out of the Strain Lane. How to get your Bowels Moving… Now… Naturally!

    FYI. Your book is exactly what I have been needing for a majority of my life. Even as an infant I had issues (according to my mother). Now, I find that constipation is just a way of life. Your book is a “must read” for me. Also, I really found your Baby Fart Aerobics to be huge help with my six week old at the time. He is now eight weeks and I no longer consider him to have issues. We just burp differently as per your suggestions. And I changed his relaxation positions along with the “aerobics”. He is doing great now. Thank you! I wish I had had this DVD when I had my first two babies.

  • “Listen To Your Gut II: The Complete Natural Healing Program for Constipation” writtten just as it is on your first book.

    But, this is only if you keep the ‘Listen To Your Gut’ with the appropriate numbers: III, IV, V, etc. for future books that you said you wanted to do.

    Miranda is right: ‘Listen To Your Gut’ works well because of the double meaning; without the double meaning, it’s not nearly as effective. So, continue to use the one that works and don’t ruin it with the ones that don’t. Simple.

    By the way: I forgot to say earlier, congratulations on another book!

  • Hi Jini,

    Congratulations to your new book! I think there are much more people suffering from constipation than from IBDs so it will be very popular.

    I have read through all suggestions and I like the last one “Listen To Your Gut II:The complete Natural healing program for Constipation” the most. The color and design of the cover is very nice but I would also suggest to skip the toilet paper (You might need it much more by diahrrea actually) and use something else what helps to resolve the problem.

    Good luck with decission,


  • Another vote here for just the way you’ve presented it – title, cover, everything. I think the continuity would help sales of both books. My only suggestion would be to publish a less expensive paperback version that could potentialy reach more people.
    Keep up the GREAT work!

  • Hi Jini,

    I think the title of your book should be “GET IT OUT” (followed by what you already have: “The Complete Natural Healing Guide For Constipation”). Your book cover looks nice and professional but it is a little bit TOO identical to “Listen To Your Gut” (although I realize the advantages of it looking similar and therefore being associated with your previous book). I wish you all the success in the world!

  • I like the title you choose, keep going with the “Listen To Your—–” theme. You could add somethnig like: Listen To Your Colon: Constipation Is Not as Hard to Heal ——Naturally

    Good Luck with the new book. I will surely purchase one, now that I have healed my colon, I sometimes get constipated.


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  • LISTEN TO YOUR COLON: The Complete Natural Healing Guide For Constipation

    Constipation: Complete Natural Healing Guide

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