Let’s kick off this week’s post with a gift! It’s been well over a decade since I’ve had any digestive sensitivity whatsoever – and 29 years since I’ve been 100% drug and surgery-free. This is the place I speak from when I say that to have fantastic, vibrant, long-term health, we simply must heal the emotional and spiritual aspects of our dis-ease.

I’ve spent the last year hard at work on the 3rd Edition of Listen To Your Gut where I’m really bringing out this aspect of healing, along with going deeper and deeper into the spiritual aspects of wellness with my herd of 11 magical horse beings. I recently published a couple of blog posts on my horse site – named, what else, Listen To Your Horse! – that I also want to share with you here.

But before we get to that, please download this free EFT Tapping session – we sell this in the Shoppe, but I wanted to gift this to you now as it ties in with my posts below from Listen To Your Horse.

In this teleseminar tapping session, Annabel Fisher and I tap on the acupressure points and clear some aspects of the harmful thoughts and behaviour patterns involved in chronic illness, such as:

● How to say “No”, to keep ourselves from doing or taking on too much

● Banishing the guilt that keeps us from resting or taking things easy

● Letting go of perfectionism and achievement-driven behaviour; again, these cause tension and prevent us from getting the rest we need

● Letting go of “people pleasing” desires and behaviour – these push us beyond our limits and result in stress and exhaustion

● How to respect your own needs and seek balance in your life

● Dealing with grief from the loss of a loved one

● Dealing with the fear and stress produced by disease flare-ups

Enter your name and email and we’ll shoot you the audio, transcript and tapping manual for this powerful mind/body healing session:

Now that you’ve got a practical way to action the concepts I’m going to talk about next… Let’s get started with Part 1 of this 2-part series called: Meltdown At The Barn: Dancing with Victim

I wouldn’t be surprised if every single person with a chronic illness feels victimized by the limitations of their poor health. I was no exception, but for me, the Victim archetype went much deeper than that and suffused almost every aspect of my life. I was aware of it, I