I want to share this very important question from one of our readers, who noticed some differences between the Absorb Plus labels in the US vs. Absorb Plus in Canada:

“We are very familiar with Absorb Plus, my very sick adult daughter has been using it off and on…she is in a bad flare now and cannot eat regular food, so she will be on Absorb Plus. I note that on the tubs you no longer put calorie amounts. You used to do this and it was useful, as I had to try and calculate my daughter’s intake. I try for 1400 calories. Why has this changed?”

Initially, in order to get a Natural Product Number (NPN) with Canada, Imix Nutrition had to adjust the US formula of Absorb Plus. While doing so, they were given a list of claims they could make regarding the formula and what information was permitted to go on the label. They were not, however, given the option to provide the macronutrient (calories, fat, fiber, etc) information as they do on the US products.

Since the formulas differ just slightly, the macronutrient values would only vary by less than 1%. As in the above case, if you are trying for a target caloric intake, you should go off of the US product labels in order to get that information and these are available to view in the LTYG Shoppe.

Below are the label claims that have changed per serving, for your information:

Choline reduced to 75mg (US 125mg)

Potassium reduced to 25mg (US 361mg)

Phosphorus increased to 26mg (US 24mg)

Vitamin E reduced to 68.34 IU (US 75 IU)

If you are adding an oil, such as Flax, MCT or Udo’s Oil, this adds about 120 calories per tablespoon.

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