If you’ve been wanting to try out an elemental or half-elemental diet, or perhaps use an elemental diet for food clearance and allergy testing, now’s your chance! We have a whole bunch of Absorb Plus in the Canadian LTYG Shoppe that is on sale at a massive discount:

55% Off – so only CAD$35/tub!*

That works out to only UK£22 per 1 kg tub (10 servings) so it may also be a good idea for my International readers to take advantage of this fire sale and have it shipped from Canada… please email or call us for a shipping quote, but be sure and check Customs/Import regulations to your country, from Canada, first. (Unfortunately for our American readers, we cannot ship orders to USA from Canada due to FDA regulations on whey protein – there’s a very high probability of both whey protein and supplement shipments being seized and destroyed coming into the US. We are sorry about this!)

Turns out Canadians don’t like the same flavors as my US and International readers (who knew?!)

You can purchase this hugely discounted Absorb Plus elemental diet shake at either:




If you live in Canada, this is probably the only chance to get such a high quality elemental diet shake at this price. And don’t forget, many people use Absorb Plus as their pre or post-workout shake, or with picky eaters, or as a breakfast shake. Enjoy!

*Discounted flavors include: Caramel Toffee Twist, Simply Chocolate, Natural Berry, French Vanilla, Unsweetened Chocolate

p.s. Remember we also just bought in a whole bunch of tried-and-tested supplements to the CDA Shoppe, so take a look around and grab whatever else you need while you’re there.