Interestingly, in one of those YouTube twists of, “how did I end up here?” I came across both these videos telling the visually beautiful stories of women whose bodies and nervous systems simply shut down. Both had versions of Fibromyalgia and other debilitating health issues.

As you watch this first video, I’d like you to think about the interplay of the mind/body/soul:

Although I’ve already written about how the gut microbiome is a big player in conditions like Fibromyalgia, I love how both these videos highlight the importance of your mental/emotional health.

It’s actually ridiculous that we would expect our physical body to be healthy, when our mental body, emotional body, and spiritual bodies are all out of balance (sick)!

Where is your own soul calling you to greater authenticity with WHO YOU ARE?

When you take away all your obligations, relationships, job, responsibilities… what is the essence of you?

What does your soul long to create in this world?

What makes your heart sing?

If you can’t answer these questions… then diving into who you are and what you want are the BIGGEST actions you can take today to improve your health and move forward on your healing journey.

What is the ONE thing you can change TODAY
to start living/being/breathing
more of YOU into the world?

Here’s me doing my thing:

What’s yours?