iStock_000003441261XSmallA January 2010 survey reported on CBS News found that only 45% of Americans liked their job. This means that 55% are not satisfied with, or dislike their job! This is a very high figure – why do so many people stay in jobs they hate?

Freelance journalist Cosmo Dookelo has an answer for this:

“In today’s regimented office environments, in any building type, security is paramount. In return for half a paycheck every other Friday, they are loyal to jobs they hate, and they come home to pour themselves into projects like model railroading, hang gliding, etc. at hobbies they love, all the time having to quell the voice in their heads that they OUGHT to be doing what they LOVE. They OUGHT To be experiencing God’s Favour. They OUGHT to do it whether they are paid or not.

But instead they work to fulfill some other person’s goals, or to prop up another person’s ego all the while despising themselves for doing so. This makes the minutes tick by like HOURS. They had a vision when they were 10 years old that they would be an ATTRACTION and would do something IMPORTANT… and instead, because they seek the total security with (of) their resources, they repel people. They repel increase… they repel the good life and their lives become pleas for more poverty and want. You don’t solve this problem by chasing money.

Americans hate their jobs because they hate themselves. They hate themselves because they are too cowardly to strike out and go hungry for a week, a month, finding the work that Needs Them, and that They Need. They are trapped in communities of negativity who simply tolerate them. Because of this, any new idea brewing might be stillborn it in someone’s mind.

It rots there.”

But can your business or your job be part of your spiritual journey? Can it actually be a healing process? Find out as I interview Mark Silver – a Sufi Master and Business Consultant.

Also find out what it takes to transition from a job to self-employed.

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