Those of you who have Listen To Your Gut, know that I have been warning people not to use cell phones since 2005. However, as microwave radiation technology expands, we have to be alert for other devices that use these harmful frequencies, such as:

  • Cell phone use (and second-hand radiation from other cell phones)
  • The family’s cordless phones in the home
  • Wireless LAN (or Land-area Network) systems at schools or home
  • Cell towers in the neighborhood, or near schools
  • Wireless computers at home, work, or at school
  • Two-way radios (think family ski-trips)
  • WIFI systems (at McDonalds and Starbucks for wireless computers)

WiFi or wireless internet is a source of high exposure that needs to be avoided by anyone trying to heal from a chronic illness, or anyone susceptible – especially if you have a susceptible immune system.

If you take an actual EMF measuring device and measure the radiation coming off a wifi computer in a school – it is 3x stronger/higher than the highest emission point from a cell phone tower – not an individual cell phone, but a cell phone tower. This is key because we have plenty of documented information regarding cancer clusters around cell towers and most countries have banned them from school grounds on this basis.

But….officials are telling you that it’s safe to have to wireless in your school, home or office – hello??

As prominent doctor, researcher, author & lecturer, Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy, said recently:

“Apart from the symptoms of EHS, already caused by the Wi-Fi routers, longer term effects of the radiation from WiFi laptops are likely to be various abdominal cancers, digestive disorders such as IBS, and a loss of fertility.”

Learn about what you can do to reduce or shield yourself from exposure to these electromagnetic frequencies (non-thermal, pulsed radiation) which are appearing everywhere.

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