One of the awesome things about LTYG is the number of highly educated/intelligent readers I get – who then ask the best questions!

Here’s a recent Q&A exchange with a medical professional I wanted to share, as I think this information is beneficial to everyone who’s using the QuikPlus Bone Matrix, or QuikPlus Silica (atom-sized/nano minerals).

DOC: I am completing my third bottle of Bone Matrix. May I assume the cloudiness in Bone Matrix comes from the silica? If the silica is atomized then the particle size should be minimal. So why would it make Bone Matrix so cloudy? I would think that if the silica is diluted and atomized it should also be clear (like when I put fiber powder into water and it completely dissolves).

I worry about the silica building up inside my intestines if it’s more of a powder and is not truly in solution, and therefore it might accumulate in my gut. Your thoughts?

JINI: Because of its ionic charge the silica in Bone Matrix agglomerates quickly with the other minerals. That’s why it forms the clumps. When you first open your bottle of Bone Matrix, if you pour some out you will see that it is fairly clear. Once oxygen gets involved the agglomeration with other minerals begins. There is no harm or loss of efficacy associated with the agglomeration and you can use it as normal. If you purchase the silica on its own, with no other minerals, you will see it is perfectly clear and remains so during usage.

DOC: So the silica by itself does not clump, but in combination with the other minerals it does. Why does this clumping not create a potential residue inside the wall of the intestines, specifically an area of anastomoses that might otherwise already have a narrowing in it? Is there a potential for residue accumulation?

I utilize the product at least 3 times a day every single day, so if it clumps and does not easily separate that could become a problem.

JINI: We have no specific data or studies on your question with regards to atom-sized, picometer or angstrom silica. But what occurs to me is that because ALL the minerals are 100% absorbable, there should not be any accumulation issues…

However I did find some encouraging data for you on regular silica:

1. This trial shows that any dietary silicon that is not absorbed is excreted in urine. So does not build up in the body, “Silicon was readily available from foods; a mean of 41% of the ingested silicon was excreted in urine.”

2. This