You may have already done your research on cell phone safety, realized it’s not safe for adults or children and either drastically reduced your usage, gotten an air tube headset, or like me, just stopped using one (along with your cordless phone in your house, which uses the same microwave frequency).

But have you thought about WiFi safety, or wireless computer/internet safety? Perhaps you have a wireless computer network in your house, or at work? Or perhaps your kids’ school has installed a WiFi router to service their wireless computers? Or perhaps your kids play for hours on a Wii or Nintendo DS – both of which use wireless pulsed microwave radiation technology?

Here’s the big RUB: It doesn’t matter if your kids are using the computers or not, if the school has WiFi, they are being irradiated continuously, whether they are using a computer or not. That’s why this issue is making me crazy – I used to think, “Well, my kids aren’t on the computers so they’re okay.” NOT.

We have many scientists and researchers stepping forward to share the results of their research, and one of them is Barrie Trower – who worked as a specialist in microwave and stealth weaponry for the British military for 11 years.

Here’s what Barrie Trower has to say about WiFi or wireless radiation in schools:

For anyone who tells you there isn’t enough solid data on cell phone or WiFi risks, just point them to this page of quotes from experts on electromagnetic frequencies and radiation.

Here’s one of my favorites:

“We are constantly being bathed in an increasing sea of radiation from exposure to the above, as well as electrical appliances, computers, Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi installations and over 2,000 communications satellites in outer space that shower us with signals to GPS receivers. New WiMax transmitters on cell phone towers that have a range of up to two square miles compared to Wi-Fi’s 300 feet will soon turn the core of North America into one huge electromagnetic hot spot. Children are more severely affected because their brains are developing and their skulls are thinner. A two-minute call can alter brain function in a child for an hour, which is why other countries ban their sale or discourage their use under the age of 18. In contrast, this is the segment of the population now being targeted here in a $2 billion U.S. advertising campaign that views “tweens” (children between 8 and 12 years old) as the next big cell phone market. Firefly and Barbie cell phones are also being promoted for 6 to 8-year-olds.

It is not generally appreciated that there is a cumulative effect and that talking on a cell phone for just an hour a day for ten years can add up to 10,000 watts of radiation. That’s ten times more than from putting your head in a microwave oven. Pregnant women may also be at increased risk based on a study showing that children born to mothers who used a cell phone just two or three times a day during pregnancy showed a dramatic increase in hyperactivity and other behavioral and emotional problems. And for the 30% of children who had also used a cell phone by age 7, the incidence of behavioral problems was 80% higher! Whether ontogeny (embryonic development) recapitulates phylogeny is debatable, but it is clear that lower forms of life are also much more sensitive. If you put the positive electrode of a 1.5 volt battery in the Pacific Ocean at San Francisco and the negative one off San Diego, sharks in the in between these cities can detect the few billionths of a volt electrical field. EMF fields have also been implicated in the recent massive but mysterious disappearance of honeybee colonies essential for pollinating over 90 commercial crops. As Albert Einstein warned, “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left.”
– Paul J. Rosch, MD
Clinical Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry, New York Medical College; Honorary Vice President International Stress Management Association; Diplomate, National Board of Medical Examiners; Full Member, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences; Fellow, The Royal Society of Medicine; Emeritus Member, The Bioelectromagnetics Society

If you would like to approach your kids’ school to have WiFi removed, or a strong cell phone policy put in place, you can see my petition with my local Surrey School Board for ideas.

Or, you can start by printing this open letter from Magda Havas PhD to school educators and giving it to your principal, school board, etc.

It’s a real shame, because my kids are in the Fine Arts program at a brilliant school with a professional theatre, dance studio and music studio (and with ocean views from all the upstairs classrooms!), fabulous teachers, and they couldn’t be happier. But the administration is unwilling to even examine the WiFi issue.

This is the FIRST generation of children to be exposed to wireless computers and cell phones like this – do I want my kids to risk cancer, leukemia, genetic mutation, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. etc. or would I rather pull them out: better safe than sorry?

We know from GQ Magazine (of all places!) that Wall Street brokers take 10 years of pretty high cell phone use to develop brain tumours. But no one knows what the risks, or timeline is for children. Do I want my children to be part of the experiment? Because right now, without my knowledge or permission, their school installed a WiFi network and presto, they’re guinea pigs. And many other parents have bought their children cell phones which they use in my child’s classroom – thus irradiating my child as well as theirs.

My choice now is what to do about it? As we teach our kids: Problem –> Solution. Don’t whinge, don’t waste energy whining, lashing out, just look for the solution.

For myself, I’m thinking more and more about re-locating to 20 acres somewhere affordable – that way even if all our neighbours have wireless, it won’t come into our house. Combined with some kind of shared homeschool arrangement with like-minded parents. We saw this in Playa Del Carmen in Mexico – some expats there got 5 families together and each would be responsible for one day of homeschooling at each house. I thought it was a brilliant solution – the kids benefited from a mix of talents/education in teachers, good social environment and variety, and then parents only had to homeschool one day a week!

One thing you can control immediately, is to get rid of your cordless phone in your house. Depending on the model, these can emit even stronger radiation than a cell phone and a double-blind experiment shows how they can induce tachycardia (among other nasty symptoms). Likewise, make sure you’re not using a cordless (DECT) baby monitor with your highly-susceptible infant.

p.s. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, electricity companies in the U.S. and Canada are now installing “Smart Meters” that relay information about electricity usage every few minutes via….you guessed it…WiFi! Or even better, WiMax!! Great, now we will all be forced to have WiFi in our homes, or no electricity.


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