Many of our customers use Absorb Plus to recover from intestinal bleeding. And iron can trigger or exacerbate intestinal bleeding. This is why it has been left out of the formula and people can then supplement as needed.

Also, depending on the person’s size, they will consume anywhere from 3 to 10 shakes per day. Since iron is a very powerful substance, it would be very hard to set an amount that suited everybody and wouldn’t lead to iron toxicity for some.

Jini Patel Thompson recommends Angstrom Iron for people with gut sensitivities, or who are prone to intestinal bleeding – since it does not require digestion and therefore does not irritate the gut.

Why doesn’t Absorb Plus have any iron in it?
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One thought on “Why doesn’t Absorb Plus have any iron in it?

  • In regards to the angstrom iron recommendation, it appears scientifically incorrect that the Angstrom iron can be smaller than the iron molecule itself, ie the iron molecule is 140 pc in diameter though Angstrom has claimed that their liquid iron is smaller than a pc.
    This product does not sound genuine and if it is, is the iron molecule amended to be smaller than its original size.
    Please confirm.
    I would be delighted if Angstroms claim is actually true as I am having huge iron deficiency issues and have tried taking iron picolinate by Thorne resulted in colon inflammation.

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