If you are in Europe, the link below will take you to a site where you can purchase low EMF phones:


We’ve yet to find a company in North America who is selling them locally but the blog post below says that there is now a brand available in the USA:


You can contact the company that blogged this at the address below as they may have more information:


1106 Second Street, Suite 102
Encinitas, CA 92024
United States
Tel: 760-804-9400

Here’s a link to a FAQ about these phones:


Good luck!

Where can I purchase a low-EMF phone?
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One thought on “Where can I purchase a low-EMF phone?

  • Top of the mornin’! –
    Havin’ a cup of tea with Kipsy at Morgan and Yorks this fine morning (he’s having coffee). He’s intrigued by the EMF protection chips that we’re offering in the States from Mr. Alain Basic of Toronto. While finding a lower-EMF phone is better than a higher EMF phone, Mr. Basic’s ELFR (extreme low frequency radiation) Eradicator chips harmonize ELF EMF’s to an ambient 7-8hz (Schumann frequency) regardless of the phone. We’ve been getting wonderful results and wanted to let you know there is a solution that gives peace of mind.

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