Sometimes people ask why certain products I’ve formulated have low levels of powdered calcium – way below the RDA (recommended daily amount – as set by the med/pharma industry).

The short answer is that I want you to get your calcium in a better, safer form.

The other issue is that calcium needs to be balanced with the proper ratio of magnesium, and other key minerals, to be utilized effectively (magnesium needs to be 1.5-2 times higher) and most people with IBD tend towards loose bowels… so they aren’t usually taking enough conventional, powdered magnesium (which also loosens the bowel) to balance the calcium.

I’ll tell you why I keep referring to these supplements as “conventional, powdered” in a minute. But first…

Normal Calcium Builds Up In Your Arteries

Normal powdered calcium can build up in your arteries and cause heart disease:

A report in the International Journal of Cardiology states that excess calcium building up in the aorta is the “main cause of hypertension in old age.”

A ten year study of artherosclerosis also pointed to concerns with conventional, powdered calcium supplements and pointed out that it is much better/safer to get your calcium from food sources.

And when you consume food-based forms of calcium, what form is it in? The plants pull calcium (and other minerals) from the soil and break them down into their molecular (nano-sized) or atom-sized form. These are super tiny molecules compared to the size of conventionally mined, powdered minerals. So when you get your minerals from your food, or spring water, they are atom-sized minerals which are easily absorbed and utilized.

Calcium Quarry in Greece

The great thing is, you don’t need to worry about taking too much calcium when it’s in this naturally-occurring atom-sized form.

So I prefer to consume my minerals in atom-sized (nano, angstrom-sized) form suspended/mixed in simple purified water. If you get rushed to the hospital and put on intravenous fluids, you will usually be given Ringer’s Solution; which is isotonic mineral salts in pure water. This can go straight into your bloodstream as it does not require digestion to break down, or extract the minerals.

The minerals I take myself – and recommend to my readers – are in this atom-sized form. Which brings us to magnesium…

Atom-sized Magnesium is Easy on the Bowel

Remember that calcium needs a number of key minerals and nutrients in order to be utilized properly and magnesium is one of the key players (and required for over 100 other functions in the body).

Well, if you have IBD or IBS, yet you are consuming atom-sized magnesium – it does not require digestion and can even be absorbed through the lining of the mouth, so you can take a much larger amount and it will not give you diarrhea. It is especially easy on the bowel if you put your daily dosage of magnesium into big bottle of water and sip it throughout the day.

And guess what? You can put your calcium – along with other minerals needed to build healthy bones and teeth – in there as well. Or, you can just swish your bone matrix minerals around in your mouth after you’ve brushed your teeth, for a minute or two, and directly re-mineralize your teeth.

The calcium, magnesium and other minerals in these nanoparticle, atom-sized solutions is the same size and form as the calcium you would get from green leafy vegetables. Nano-sized calcium does not behave like conventional, powdered calcium supplements. If you somehow took too much of this atom-sized calcium, your body would just excrete it – the same way it would if you ate too much kale – because it is in the same form. Having adequate Vitamin K2 also helps your body excrete excess calcium (which is in many of the products I formulate)

So this is really good news for people with osteoporosis or taking steroid drugs or other medication that puts you at risk for osteoporosis – because you can supplement at higher levels without fear of heart disease, or fear of diarrhea!

Wishing you healthy teeth and strong bones 🙂