This is awesome! Dr. Andrew Wakefield (prominent GI who was viciously attacked by drug/med establishment for daring to suggest even the *possibility* of a link between MMR vaccine and IBD) finally gets to tell his side of the story and what exactly has been happening.

He’s so articulate and this info is GOLD:

If you only have time to watch one segment, this is a good one:

The biggest irony of it all is that Wakefield says himself that he is pro-vaccine – he has always advised patients to be vaccinated but to use the single vaccines.

So, this is not really an anti-vaccine video, it is a pro-vaccine safety video. But just by Dr. Wakefield presenting the facts/research accumulated to the present, you realize that – whilst great in theory – current vaccinations are not performing the way they were intended to.

Unfortunately, they do not address the issue of whether antibodies produced as a result of vaccination confer immunity – as is presumed. The only clinical trials I’ve been able to find on this, show that they do not. Perhaps this will be addressed in the future…