Toe Fungus for Decades Natural RemedyLooking for a natural remedy for toe fungus? I recently received this email from a reader and his mother asking about how to heal stubborn toe fungus:

I was watching Jini’s video about Oregano Oil and its use with toe fungus. I’m 61 years old and I’ve had toe fungus for decades on my right toes, especially in the toe nails. My skin isn’t moist, so I’m not sure what’s the best way to use the oregano oil. Should I mix it with zinc oxide powder, or with DMSO to get it in deeper? Or just the oregano oil directly on my toes?

Also, my 88 year old mother has toe fungus very badly, but she also has callouses that grow and crack. She goes to the podiatrist every two months and he cleans her foot up so there are no deep cracks or infections, but it’s pretty bad. What would be the best way to apply oregano oil to her foot? Jini said that zinc oxide is very drying, and my mom already gets cracks in the callouses, so drying probably isn’t a good thing for her.

If you’re looking at my natural remedy for toe fungus and are concerned about the drying action of zinc oxide, then you could certainly just stick with wild oregano oil and DMSO to help transport the wild oregano deep into the tissues.

Just be sure to read the safety considerations for using DMSO.

The reason the zinc oxide powder works so well is that – aside from the beneficial action of zinc – it allows you to form a paste, which stays on the toes/feet much better than a liquid. So if it were me, I would try alternating between the paste (zinc oxide + wild oregano), and the liquid (2/3 wild oregano + 1/3 DMSO). You’ll find the frequency of paste that’s right for each of you. Perhaps your mother can only apply the paste once per week, perhaps you can apply it every 2nd or 3rd day. Your feet will tell you!

Keep us posted, and please let us know which natural remedy for toe fungus works best for each of you. 🙂

p.s. Here’s the video he’s referring to:

And one last resource for you, if you don’t want to use zinc or DMSO, then in this video with Dr. Alan Mandell, he gives a list of remedies (and how to apply them) that can also work for toenail fungus: