Having just spent 6 weeks in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico – 1 month in a rented villa and 2 weeks in an all-inclusive resort – I have to say that my ideal vacation would be a perfect combination of the two:

  • Spacious, QUIET (soundproof) accomodation with laundry facilities – available in two or three bdrm configurations to accomodate families.
  • Comfortable furniture to relax on – not the cheap bamboo stuff with thin cushions you find in most rentals.
  • Non-toxic pots and pans (i.e. no Teflon!) for if you want to make breakfast or a quick snack for the kids. And 100% cotton sheets – no xenoestrogens from polyester!
  • All meals, snacks, drinks provided in the highest quality (i.e. fresh, unprocessed, no artificial flavors/colors). Or at least a few good restaurants onsite so you can do a non-stressful (yet cheaper) combination of cooking and easy eating out.
  • Daily maid service.
  • Beach with LOTS of shaded areas.
  • Swimming pools with ozone or ionization filtrations systems rather than chlorine.

Anyone know of anywhere that fits the bill – other than fantasyland?