If you want to heal completely – and for the long-term – it’s important to pay attention to the emotional and spiritual messages of symptoms. You need to address EVERY level of yourself that is asking to be healed; mind/body/soul.

In this video, I explain and give you some examples from my own life:

This video is excerpted from a Live Support session for my Lazer Tapping members. Learn more about Lazer Tapping here.

I created this game-changer healing course for my readers and others who are struggling with chronic health issues, disempowerment, lack of abundance, unsupportive relationships, and boring in-a-rut lives. Because our unresolved/unhealed crap holds us back!

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  • Improve self-confidence, release “I am not ____ enough”
  • Learn to feel okay saying “No” and set healthy boundaries
  • Release emotions in your gut that are causing physical symptoms