You may have heard about my NEW Lazer Tapping course – a powerful mind/body/spirit self-healing technique that has been at the cornerstone of me healing myself from Crohn’s – and remaining that way for over 25 years now.

Similar to EFT, Lazer Tapping is an acupressure-based mind/body healing tool that can effect profound change in the emotional, energetic and physical body. If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ll know that I am always banging on about how talk therapy alone is not effective! You must find healing therapies that integrate the mind with the body, to be able effect healing in the physical tissues and cells of the body.

Interestingly, I received this great feedback from one of the course members:

“Not getting much out of this honestly, it would be good to have some concrete examples… like gut pain, sadness over loss of a normal life, anger at the medical professionals, sadness over diet restrictions, body image, lack of sleep from pain, maybe even things like hormones – hot flashes, weight gain, adrenals, not having peace in your body and life etc.”

The key thing to remember with acupressure tapping, is that the symptom (eg. gut pain) is never the root issue. The root or cause of gut pain could be 10 different things. This is why part of the Lazer Tapping process is to take you into your own body and tissues to see what it is for you.

Also, as you begin to tap on anger, or abuse, or overwhelm, these can all access aspects of the emotions, or events that are underlying your body’s expression in the form of gut pain. Does that make sense?

For example, if your back is in continual pain, you could tap on “all this pain in my back” but what would be more effective would be to tap on the possible emotions, dysfunctions or unhealthy situations in your life that are causing your back pain! Like this member:

“My horse stepped on my right foot last December, then I developed plantar fasciitis in my left foot which lasted until October. Then my other horse spooked from the cat jumping on a cabinet and landed on my right foot. So I tapped on that yesterday. Pain in my feet. Last night it occurred to me that if my feet hurt I can’t look for another job. This tapping is amazing.” – B.H.

You see how she made the connection between the physical pain/injury in her feet to either not wanting to look for another job, or, not giving herself permission to look for another job? Brilliant – that’s what I’m talking about.

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So getting back to the dissatisfied email above, what this person failed to realize is that I already have Lazer Tapping sessions in the Member’s Area that will likely address/relieve much of her pain:

not having peacesee Fear & Anxiety session and Feeling Overwhelmed session

gut painsee Abuse & Injustice session and Tapping on Physical Symptoms or Pain session

sadness over loss of normal life and diet restrictionssee Anger & Resentment session

anger at med professionalssee Anger & Resentment session

lack of sleep from painsee Fear & Anxiety session and Tapping on Physical Symptoms or Pain session

Remember, the symptom is only a sign post, or a messenger – the REAL issue always lies underneath the symptom. If someone works their way through all the Lazer Tapping sessions I’ve provided, they will likely find their physical symptoms improving – because they’re actually clearing the root causes of those symptoms.

Of course, ideally, you want to watch the tutorial videos, practice and learn the Lazer Tapping technique for yourself, then you’ll be able to go into your own body and psyche and discern the specific issues, situations or relationships that are causing you emotional and/or physical pain – and tap directly, specifically on those. The more specific you can get with acupressure tapping, the more success you’ll experience.

“I realized I was tapping for myself in this physical body and lifetime to heal myself from whatever trauma was still trapped inside my womb. For the first time, I could bring it to light and identify clearly what was causing me such a phobia of getting pregnant. For the first time, I could put my fear into words and release it. For the first time too, I acknowledged my body and honored her messages. As Eckart Tolle’s wife says regarding pain ‘the quickest way out is through’ Feeling totally exhausted now but much better. I wanted to let you know your work matters and has a ripple effect in so MANY ways 🙏🏻🥰🌟 ” – S.G.

As you gain fluency with the technique, messages from your subconscious, your body wisdom, tissues and cells will emerge during a tapping session… this leads you to the root cause(s) of a symptom in your specific body.

This is why physical symptoms often won’t clear up with only physical treatments – because the root cause of the symptom is not physical! It is emotional, spiritual, or psychological. So to access healing at those levels, you need a mind/body/spirit interface healing technique – like hypnotherapy, Lazer Tapping, or craniosacral (at the somato-emotional level).

“I did the Overwhelm session and it was a huge help. Today went much better. Thank you for your guidance and support. Learning to listen to my gut and know the difference between what is loving intuition, and what is fearful avoidance, and my limbic system just trying to protect, me is a process I am working diligently to understand. I am so grateful for this tool and for the specific sessions. Thanks again! ❤️❤️” – B.K.

This is the beauty of a healing circle – we all have the same issues living this messy human life.

Come try a FREE SESSION and experience Lazer Tapping for yourself!

Me doing a Lazer Tapping session for one of my horses – yes, it works brilliantly with animals!