I always tell my Lazer Tapping members, you have any questions, or you’re getting stuck and need some ideas or fresh eyes on your situation…either email me or just post in our FAQ section!

Well, we recently had a member email in this question, and I wanted to share it with anyone else who may be having the same issues when tapping on fear and/or anxiety:

“Every time I do a tapping session in the evening I dream of two people with whom I have had a complicated relationship and a difficult breakup in the past (23 and 12 years ago). is it possible that this is related to the work of my subconscious on healing and cleansing? I was tapping on fear and anxiety, it certainly has to do with traumas from the past, but those two people are the consequence, not the cause of the trauma. Should I go back to those two relationships or further, to the very cause of my problems?”

Tapping on Fear, Anxiety, & Past RelationshipsIn my experience, because these two people are coming forward from your subconscious, they can help lead you back to the origins of the wounding or the belief or the issue. So if it were me, I would be inclined to first tap on the key elements of these relationships.

I would bet as you do the tapping, the deeper issues are going to emerge and you’re going to have some illuminating moments regarding what to tap on next. If you are open to it, there could be a past life association with these two relationships as well, that is perhaps coming forward for healing. As long as you are open to it, these links can emerge during your tapping sessions as well. You will just get a hunch or a feeling about it.

Or if you like to journal, you can start journaling about it, and then information may come forward as you’re writing. The key is to set your intention to be open and allow/welcome whatever comes forward for you. Understanding that it is coming forward for healing and that you will trust the process and hold the container for that healing.

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