There is a new development happening on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, in a province called Guanacaste – it’s called La Ecovilla (formally Finca Las Brisas, or Farm of the Breezes). Ian and I looked seriously at buying in here and the only thing that stopped us was the houses would be too small for our large family and home-based businesses.

However, I think it’s a fabulous ‘second-home’ option for those of you who need to be careful about your health and need to have a really toxin-free environment. Plus, it’s cheaper than you’d think. So open your mind a little, lift your self-imposed limitations and go have a look around their website.

I myself spent several hours on the site, so I can tell you what’s so great about this development and really sets it apart:

  • There will be an organic vegetable garden and most likely goats, so you can get raw goat milk
  • Communal infinity pool and social area – promoting community and fun!
  • All water will be recycled and re-used
  • No pesticides, herbicides, etc of any kind will be used anywhere on the farm
  • Numerous natural swimming holes, waterfalls, picnic areas
  • Ocean views, but set up in the mountains where the breeze keeps it cooler
  • Virtually no mosquitos – perhaps due to the bat population
  • Plans for an Art Center
  • Community school just down the road
  • Solar powered well and water supply
  • Design for all buildings/houses is eco-friendly; local materials, solar power, minimize footprint, etc.

Also, the region of Costa Rica that this farm/development is in, has been identified as a “Blue Zone” where people live longer and in very good health.

Like I said, it’s an amazing development and the partners doing it are very sincere and will be living/staying there with their families as well.

Go check it out….