I have had MANY readers write in regarding their SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) with the same issue – “I did the SIBO treatment, I was fine, but it keeps coming back!!”

You may have heard this before, as I’ve mentioned numerous times throughout my blog and books/protocols that healing needs to encompass the mind/body/spirit along with the physical. You can continue managing the cycles of your diseases with physical protocols, but until you delve into the mind/body/spirit piece of it, you may not be able to achieve long-term, 100% healing.

SIBO, in particular, is generally misunderstood. Most of the time it is treated as a bacterial infection, which is not always the case! SIBO is commonly a nervous problem in the gut – not necessarily an infection. Sometimes SIBO can consist of normal microflora in your colon simply living in the “wrong real estate.” The reason is that the nervous system in the gut, which self-cleans and regulates, has been damaged & can no longer perform the function of removing this bacteria from the upper part of small intestine.

The nervous system is such a crucial part of gut disorders. So what is the cause of a malfunctioning migrating motor complex in SIBO that most people don’t understand? And what can you do about it?

Join me in this video with Dr. Juliet, where we reveal all…