Jini's Raw Nutrient ShakeIn the video below, I show you how to make a raw nutrient shake that even kids like!

This really is a delicious, nutritious shake to use if you need a fast, easy breakfast. It’s also great if you are trying to gain weight or resolve low protein/malnutrition, or if you just want an unprocessed alternative to a whey protein shake!

Of course, you can replace the raw milk or yogurt with the non-dairy milk of your choice. And you can switch out the banana for half an avocado, or other fruit of your choice.

You can also reduce the sugar level by using stevia or luo han guo (monkfruit). Or, you can use just 1/4 tsp of maple syrup or honey combined with stevia or monkfruit – that way the raw sugar masks any aftertaste from the monk fruit or stevia.

Raw Nutrient Milkshake

2 raw free range organic egg yolks OR 1 raw egg yolk & 1 raw whole egg
1 cup raw milk or yoghurt (raw cow, sheep, goat, or camel)
maple syrup or raw honey to taste
1 tsp – 1 tbsp Udo’s Oil
Optional: very ripe banana or half avocado

*Note: If using banana (or avocado), then blend banana and milk/yoghurt first, then add the rest of the ingredients. Mix on LOW speed for 5-10 seconds.

If you are constipated, then add 125 – 250 mg magnesium citrate (empty capsule into shake and blend)

If you’ve had difficulty tolerating dairy products in the past, then use yoghurt (preferably homemade, using Natren’s Yoghurt Starter) rather than raw milk – at least to begin with.

You can also slowly increase your tolerance to raw milk by starting with just a teaspoon of homemade raw yoghurt per day, gradually build up to a tablespoon, etc. But also take Natren probiotics at the same time to continue to build your healthy gut flora.

You can also use the dairy-based Natren probiotics to gradually restore or increase tolerance to raw milk. Start with just a pinch of dairy-based powder, along with your regular dairy-free probiotics, and gradually increase over a period of a few months.

Watch my video below for a demonstration – enjoy!