I want to tell you about Qu Biologics Inc. (Qu), a Canadian biopharmaceutical company developing Site Specific Immunomodulators (SSIs) designed to restore the body’s normal immune function to treat cancer, Crohn’s, and other immune-related diseases.

Qu is currently conducting their 2nd phase of a new, experimental Crohn’s treatment.

Instead of suppressing immune function, the process involves restoring the innate immune system by cleaning up ALL pathogens in the body (basically killing all the bad bugs) to rebuild barrier function and clear the underlying infection associated with CD. The process involves the injection of dead/inactivated E. coli bacteria components into the skin (dendritic cells).

The study was first initiated in May of 2018 and has 3 locations enrolling patients across Canada: 2 in British Columbia and 1 in Ontario. Currently Dr. Hal Gunn, the CEO of Qu, is looking for 10 more trial participants to test this treatment. All travel and accommodation costs (from anywhere in Canada!) will be paid for!

Perhaps you could be one of those 10?

Note: You need to be a Canadian citizen to participate in this trial. For their next 150-person trial they are hoping to include people from the USA and Europe as well.

I previously did a teleseminar with Dr. Gunn in Vancouver, so if your curiosity has been piqued, download or listen to this 17-minute interview where I ask Dr. Gunn to explain the pros and cons for us:


You can also check out my call with Shirin Kalyan, the Director of Preclinical Research at Qu Biologics, on food allergies. Shirin has a PhD in Immunology and Experimental Medicine.


For anyone wanting to learn more about the current trial or the possibility of participating, please visit www.quibd.com

For more information about Qu Biologics and the science behind SSIs, you can visit their website at www.qubiologics.com

For further information, you can contact:

Hal Gunn, MD, CEO Qu Biologics Inc.
Phone: 604 734 1450
Email: media@qubiologics.com



Qu Biologics Looking for Phase 2 Trial Participants

8 thoughts on “Qu Biologics Looking for Phase 2 Trial Participants

  • I contacted you all 2 years ago when my son was first diagnosed with Crohns and asked if there were any doctors nearby ( we’re in Charlotte NC)
    that could holistically treat my sons condition. You gave me a couple options but we’re in need again, my son is having issues again. Are there any additional recommendations for practitioners?

    1. Hello Ann,

      Thanks for reaching out! Sorry, but we do not have any practitioners in Charlotte, NC.

      Dr. Paul Goldberg and Dr. Michael Ruscio are familiar with Jini’s protocols and have clients with whom they conduct consultations via video call from all over the world. If you are interested, you can contact them at these URLs: https://drruscio.com/ and http://www.goldbergclinic.com/

      Dr. Paul Goldberg and Dr. Michael Ruscio  shares methods and protocols with Jini and has read all of her books. They are very rigorous practitioner and like Jini, has healed themselves of a serious chronic illness, so they understands first hand what you’re going through. We can highly recommend them.

      We wish you all the best on your sons healing journey and if you have any additional questions about our products or Jini’s protocols I would be happy to assist you.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

    1. Hello Anna,

      We’re not medical professionals so we do not have any suggestions. You should consult with your doctor (ideally an integrative medicine or naturopathic doctor) about any medications. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

  • Hi Jini, this is very exciting and brings up a question. If a person is in remission via diet and lifestyle alone, with no previous treatment designed to clear an infection, does Dr. Gunn believe that those patients have cleared the infection on their own? Or, does he think there is still underlying infection that should be treated by SSI? I watched the recent video posted by one of the patients, and he stated that he does not follow any strict diet or lifestyle regimens and yet he has been in remission 8 years. Thoughts?
    Thanks for your update on this approach!

    1. Hi Ginger Day,

      That is an excellent question. Most experts are still ambivalent about the cause of Crohn’s disease – but we know that both genetic and environmental factors (particularly as it relates to some kind of stress – be it physiological, infectious, or even emotional/mental) can trigger the onset of disease. It seems that there is an underlying lack of immune resiliency that drives the progression of disease and the loss of barrier function in the gut. It is important to remember that having the genetic background that is associated with a higher risk of Crohn’s disease is not, in itself, sufficient to cause the disease (i.e. there are many “healthy” people who have the genetic variants linked to Crohn’s that don’t have the disease). So, if someone has changed their environment such that they no longer have any sign of CD, I am of the opinion that it is best to leave well enough alone. If it ain’t broke, don’t break it is the rule of thumb I live by.

      Qu’s SSIs are used to strengthen (or exercise, if you will) the innate immune system so that it builds up resiliency and will not succumb under stressful conditions and lose barrier function such that microbes in the gut can invade the tissue and cause dysbiosis/chronic infection. The idea builds upon the “hygiene hypothesis” that states the way live now – particularly as it relates to sterility – results in a weaker/less efficient immune system that is untrained. SSI’s train the immune system to deal with microbes more efficiently and have better “homeostasis” – and barrier function. This would mean that we hope that there would be higher tolerance to regular “stressful” conditions and one wouldn’t have to be hyper vigilant when it comes to the way they lead their lives (though I do recommend getting enough sleep regardless!).

      For those interested in learning whether or not they are eligible for Qu’s current trial, there is a survey up that allows one to check their eligibility: https://www.quibd.com/phase-2-clinical-trial-questionnaire/

      I hope that answers your question!
      Best regards – and many thanks for your interest in this very different approach to dealing with Crohn’s disease.

      Shirin Kalyan, PhD
      Director of Scientific Innovation, Qu Biologics

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