This is really fun, it’s from my friend Aileen Nobles (psychic and EFT therapist) – ENJOY!


To find your personal forecast add the day and month of your birth date. Continue adding until you get a single digit.

Example: 3 + 11 = 14, 1+ 4 = 5.
5 will be your personal birth number.

1 – Full of curiosity and energy you have a busy schedule ahead of you. Your ability to multi task will draw attention to you whether from a boss, a admirer, or a client.

2 – Its time for you to assert yourself this month. You are usually thoughtful and considerate, often putting other people ahead of you. However, if someone is eyeing something or someone important to you, don’t hesitate to assert yourself.

3 – If you find yourself in a position of knowing something that might hurt someone you care about, think twice about telling them. If you feel you have to let them know what is going on, be gentle. Ask your Higher Guidance for the right words to say.

4 – If you are feeling unsure about a decision you have made connected to signing papers, buying a house or even starting a new relationship, dont be afraid…you can do it!
Have faith in your intuition.

5 – You may find that you have to curtail your spending this month, as difficult as that might be for you. You love to spend money, but sometimes its best to cut back.
You have a wonderful imagination, so let it rip. Live vicariously, your time will come.

6 – Bored with the same old routine? Do things differently. Take a different route to work, take a class, meditate, tap away your frustration. It will pass, and light is at the end of the tunnel.

7 – Your creativity is high this month. You may have come up with a brand new idea to make money or improve on something. Remember to share the glory and do not alienate friends and co-workers, you are going to need them.

8 – Longing to get away but feeling restricted…be patient. Slower than expected income this month will put a crimp in your style, but don’t stop fantasizing. Give your people what they are looking for and sales/clients increase.

9 – You care about others, about the planet and the animals. You can, and do make a difference. Keep in mind that you also need loving attention and be kind to yourself. A little indulgence here and there is a wonderful thing.

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