baking-sodaThanks to repeated requests and my own dear Mum, I have just uploaded a new treatment to the HEAL YOUR SYMPTOMS section of the site – An effective, natural remedy for Bladder infections (UTI or Cystitis).

My own mother suffered from recurring cystitis or bladder infections for years and kept having to see the doctor and fill prescriptions, along with trying many different natural remedies, until she found a book called, “Natural Remedies for Cystitis” that gave her the idea of using Baking Soda to make the bladder environment alkaline.

She had tried the Cranberry remedy, to make it very acidic, but this did not work for her, whereas the alkaline solution worked very well. Over time she worked out this Bladder Infection protocol – which her MD then asked for a copy of!

BUT, after she had taken Natren Healthy Trinity probiotics DAILY for 4 months, she no longer got cystitis – because her own bacterial flora was strong enough to prevent infection.

Experimenting with probiotics, she found that she could stay clear of bladder infections if she took 1 Tbsp. Megadophilus, and 1 Tbsp Digesta Lac by Natren for 6 weeks or more (Bifido Factor would constipate her). Later reinforcing this with Natren’s Healthy Trinity capsules, she was able to stay clear for a year or two at a time – without any other intervention. If she traveled, or stopped taking probiotics for a while, or got run-down from overwork, then she may contract a mild UTI, which the baking soda protocol quickly solved.

PREVENTION & MAINTENANCE – So the first thing you can do to prevent cystitis, if you get recurrent infections, is to take 1 Healthy Trinity capsule per day, ongoing.

Make sure you wipe away from your vagina after bowel movements, and wash both yourself and your partner with natural soap (or coconut oil if sensitive to soap) and water before and after sex. Drink plenty of filtered water and don’t make your body wait too long to pee!

If you currently have cystitis, then follow my Mum’s baking soda UTI protocol, depending on how severe your infection is – and send to everyone you know who suffers from this painful infection! I have referred numerous friends to this protocol and it has worked for every one of them.