Mother issues and wounding – the heart-belly loop. Was your mother unwilling or unable to meet your emotional, physical, or spiritual needs?

Did you not receive enough love or nurture from your mother?

Let’s heal the physical and energetic link between our heart and our belly (Hara, Dan Tien, source of lifeforce energy) in relation to mother issues and wounding caused by our relationship with our mother. Even if you were given away at birth, you still spent almost a year listening, developing, growing, to the sound of your mother’s heartbeat. Your belly and her belly fully symbiotic through the umbilical cord. I did not even realize the significance of this, in terms of releasing mother-wounds, until one of my horses brought it to my attention!

Let’s heal this feedback loop of lack of nurture/love that circles between the heart and the belly.

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Listen To Your Gut
Listen To Your Gut
Mother Issues and Wounding