2020 Update: I can hardly believe this… but after banging on about the inability to sterilize colonoscopes for the last decade; educating people on the risks and what you can do before and after to minimize the risks, I just found out there is now FINALLY a single-use, disposable, robotic colonoscope available and currently being used in Italy and Switzerland.

So of course, I had to rush onto the blog and tell you about it immediately! You can read about it here.

Original post: Seven years after I published my oh-my-god research on the dangers of colonoscopies – along with my protocols for pre- and post-colonoscopy if you do decide you need one – Dr. John Bergman has put together this fantastic video presenting the results of his research into the risks of having a colonoscopy:

It’s a great video and very easy to watch/listen to, so be sure to share with your loved ones.

And don’t forget, you can also download my free report on how to minimize the damage if you do have an endoscopy or colonoscopy.