Below is an email I’m re-sharing from one of my readers named Abby (not her real name). I am still so thankful to her for writing in and sharing truthfully about her healing journey, as I am to every one of you who has written to me and shared your stories.

I wanted to share it with you, because I think her letter highlights difficulties that we all face, or will face as we strive to heal ourselves. After her letter, I’m going to take you through each piece of it and point out what I see. But let’s start with her story:

“After six years of struggling with horrific migraines and GI issues I am finally getting some relief thanks to a nurse practitioner who specializes in hormonal issues.  In fact, I haven’t had a migraine in months (and I was losing up to 15 days/month due to them!).

After taking Dr. Mate’s advice (via the teleconference) regarding migraines (where migraines are strictly the result of suppressed anger) I began a psychotherapy/massage therapy/visceral massage therapy/acupuncture therapy/naturopathic therapy journey that cost me thousands & thousands of dollars and gave me virtually no relief.  I truly began to despair over the idea that I was “causing” my pain due to unresolved anger issues.

I then found the aforementioned nurse practitioner who put me on a hormonal therapy that keeps my hormones from fluctuating throughout the month.  As a result, I finally have my life back!  I no longer have migraines, joint pain, brain fog, and have considerably less GI burning pain.

At my initial consultation with the nurse practitioner I had mentioned Jini’s various protocols & also Jini’s suggestion that I might try bioidentical progesterone cream.  I also told her that I had taken the progesterone cream that Jini suggested and it seemed to exacerbate my migraines and gastrointestinal issues.  She promptly told me, “The last thing a migraineur should take is progesterone cream!!!!!! because it will cause migraines.

I truly feel Jini’s protocols are of the utmost benefit to many people, it just so happens my situation was unique, and therefore, couldn’t be resolved with those protocols.  Time & time again I had been told by countless therapists/practitioners that I needed to avoid many foods, stress, anger, caffeine, and so forth because these were the causes of my migraines and GI issues.

Now that my hormones are no longer fluctuating, food, stress, anger, and caffeine no longer “trigger” my symptoms.  As you can imagine, this has given me back a sense of control over my life.  Thanks for asking why I cancelled my Wellness Circle membership, it speaks volumes for your company.  I will continue to recommend Jini’s books and products, and will continue to wish you all much success!

Thanks again, Abby”

Abby’s story is a prime example of two things that I say repeatedly throughout