As I get deeper and deeper into this whole WiFi/cell phone debacle, the one thing that never ceases to amaze me is how people stubbornly insist on “proven data” quoting Industry-funded sources like Health Canada stating that “a person would have to be in a room within 20 cm of 1,000 WiFi routers for an extended period of time for there to be any health concern.” And these are the sources and opinions that get quoted in news articles.

It drives me crazy! When we now have literally hundreds of studies showing that people living in close proximity to just ONE cell tower or WiFi tower suffer cancer clusters, headaches, sleep problems, GI problems, etc. But does the media report on any of these peer-reviewed, scientific studies showing the clear dangers of WiFi and cell phones?

No, they continue to quote industry stooges or just plain misinformed people who haven’t taken the time to look at the actual data for themselves.

But let’s take it away from scientific data and just put it into the realm of pure common sense: If we have studies that show microwave radiation (from cell phones, cordless phones, wireless computers and other wireless devices) cause marked, measurable damage in plants and animals – then WHY do we think, “Uh, gee, it’s damaging everything else on the planet, but not us humans, we’re fine!”

Plants Damaged By Microwave (RF) Radiation

Again, we have hundreds of studies now amassed showing that WiFi radiation from cell towers and WiFi towers and yes, YOU using these devices are damaging plants and animals. Here’s just one:

This experiment with Aspen seedlings in Colorado pinpoints why the trees in the region have been showing steady death and decline since 2004.

They put these seedlings inside a Faraday Cage – to shield them from RF radiation and here’s what they looked like, healthy, well-formed leaves, with plenty of leaves per branch:

These seedlings were not shielded from the radiation and you can visibly see how they are damaged and stunted:

The author of this study, K. Haggerty, goes on to say:

“Currently a strong human-generated RF background exists at every point on the earth’s surface, although radio field strength is relatively greater in the most populous and urbanized areas. Globally, the highest field strengths occur in central Europe, the eastern United States, and in China (Figure 9). Forest decline was first recognized and defined based on observed events in central Europe and the eastern US, and China, at this time, is experiencing rapid desertification. […]

More recently, it has been shown that mortality rates of all dominant tree species in the western United States have been doubling every 17–29 years in old growth forests, and that recruitment of new trees is now occurring at a lower rate than mortality [35]. Since aspen decline and other tree decline incidents worldwide have similar symptoms, and since no definitive explanation has been found for those events, it seems plausible that their decline may be related to RF exposure.”

Even Opponents of Wireless Carry Cell Phones!

And another thing that’s been bothering me: When I go to meetings where people gather who are concerned about the negative health effects of WiFi and cell phones….. nearly everyone there is carrying or using a cell phone! First everyone turns off their cell phone, and then we talk about how cell phone radiation is contributing to bees dying. How about putting your money where your mouth is?

If those of us who KNOW how wireless is damaging life forms will not stop using cell phones, how are we ever going to get Joe-public to stop using wireless devices?

Personally, I haven’t had a cell phone for about 2 years. But realistically, I don’t see how we’re ever going to get any kind of a ban on this technology, until as Dr. Allan Frey stated in the GQ magazine article, Warning: Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous To Your Health, “there are bodies in the streets.” This technology is simply too widespread and the revenues at stake make vaccination (another industry-driven fiasco) look like a poor cousin.

EMR Shielding Solution?

I wonder if the solution lies in someone inventing a personal RF/EMR protection device. Something that throws up a “force field” or wave-interrupter, dissonance-generator, etc. that then extends a foot or so around the body – so you can go to the shops, or your kids can go to school without being irradiated. And then there would also need to be a home version of that device, so you can protect your entire house. And then a version that can protect your yard and your land – so kids can play outside.

And I’m not talking about some woo-woo device (there are a lot of those already out there). I’m talking about a device that when activated, you take your RF meter and turn it on inside the protected area and it does not register/show any microwave radiation present.

I’m currently contacting scientists in Russia (where a lot of microwave research originated) trying to find someone who could invent this kind of device – so if you know of someone, or you have some ideas, please post below and I’ll contact you.

No, this won’t save our bees, birds, trees, cows (reduced milk production, shortened gestation) and crops – but at least we won’t have to stand by and watch our children get cancer, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, etc. until the rest of the world figures out that we have to change this technology to something safer.

And no, I am NOT a Luddite. I use the latest iMac, my entire business is automated on the Internet, before this I owned a telecommunications company. But I am also savvy enough to recognize a serious health issue when I see one – and seriously, this is one of the greatest health challenges of this century.

Animals Damaged By Wireless Radiation

I’m going to leave you with two more animal studies that are clear as day on the dangers this technology presents, in its current form:

“… when you also take into account studies such as one in rats that has shown that exposing pregnant rats to a mobile phone for one hour a day during pregnancy led to abnormal dead cells in the brain of their offspring and fewer healthy cells in regions involved in learning and memory after birth, then it becomes more worrying.”

“Scientists have found that when rats were exposed to a mobile phone in standby mode, switched on to speech mode for 15 minutes twice a day during pregnancy, the female babies had an average of 30% fewer follicles (containing the eggs) in their ovaries after birth.  If this were to happen in humans then it could seriously reduce the fertility of the next generation of females.  We don’t know whether it was the 11 hours and 45 minutes in standby or the 15 minutes in speech mode that led to the decreased fertility.  If it was the former then it is likely that living in a wi-fi environment could also reduce the fertility of subsequent generations.”

(Source: Dr Sarah Starkey, PhD, Neuroscientist)