Those of you who’ve been subscribed for a while know that sometimes I share healing experiences that I create with my herd of horses. Join us again today, as we take you on a guided journey to release anxiety, fear or loneliness from your body & mind. Followed by gentle music and being with the herd and dogs out in nature. You may also like to use this before bed to ease into sleep.

If you prefer, here is the podcast audio-only version of this meditation:

Listen To Your Gut
Listen To Your Gut
Meditation with Horses for Anxiety, Loneliness or Fear

I co-created this guided meditation with the herd at the request of my son, Hugo, who landed in the UK on April 23rd and went straight into lockdown quarantine at the soccer (football) school he’s attending for the next two months. He was in a 12×8′ room with only enough floor space for a yoga mat, in solitary confinement for 7 days! Meals were dropped off outside the door. He was only allowed to leave the room to shower or use the toilet. His isolation was worse than an incarcerated criminal, because at least they’re allowed to go outside once a day and they leave their jail cell for meals.

What governments are doing in the name of ‘covid’ makes me a tad crazy sometimes. How many children are dealing with split custody with their parents living apart? So they have to go into solitary jail cells just to see their parents? Madness! We negotiated hard and by Day 3 they allowed him outside (alone) for 20 minutes twice per day.

On the flip side, I’ve been discussing with Hugo why he chose this experience… He could have quarantined with Dad for 10 days and then attended the school. But he was adamant that he just wanted to ‘get going’ with his destiny/passion (at that time, they told him school quarantine would only be 5 days).

Why has he voluntarily chosen this difficult trial that could make even adults lose their mind? I don’t know when he’ll have the answers to that question, perhaps it won’t be for a few months or even a year, but this meditation, along with this other one (also with my herd), Lazer Tapping sessions, and a Zoom session with the horses have all combined to help him stay sane, avoid deep trauma and mature in a positive way. Life hey? The challenges never cease.

Hopefully this video can go out into the YouTube universe and help many more people struggling with pressure, stress and isolation. And if you have kids or teenagers, definitely share it with them. They are all struggling, even though they may appear to be fine.