In case you were wondering how to eco-responsibly dispose of the packing materials in your recent LTYG Shoppe order…

We’ve put together this instruction leaflet that will soon be inside every box we ship:

Note: Some sources say that you can put the corn-based packing peanuts in your sink and dissolve them in water, but we’ve seen a number of regions where this is wreaking havoc on the plumbing or sewage system, so we don’t recommend it.

EVERYTHING in your box from LTYG Shoppe (including the box itself) is either recyclable or biodegradable!

Packing Peanuts: The packing peanuts we use are made from corn starch and are biodegradable and compostable. They will dissolve in water and are non-toxic so you can dispose of them in a compost heap, or in your garbage can.

Ice Packs: The ice packs we use are made from non-toxic materials and are biodegradable but not compostable. The packs will start to degrade within 18 months if left outside or taken to a landfill (normal garbage). You can also recycle them through the normal poly recycling process if the non-toxic gel inside is poured into the trash or the sink beforehand.

Boxes, Insulated Inserts, Brown Envelopes: All of these are made of standard brown paper which makes them biodegradable and compostable (YES, you can compost cardboard!). These can also be recycled with any other paper items using the standard process in your area.

P.S. Don’t forget to recycle the instructional leaflet too! 🙂