How can you shift your mindset to increase resilience?

Instead of viewing life as good/bad or black/white… what would happen if we viewed life’s experiences and emotions as colors? What if anger were yellow, and joy was black, and peace was purple, and pain was green, and so on?

What if the purpose of incarnating to physical flesh was to *experience* the broad spectrum of colors available in this life? Not just to stay in the gold bliss of the Divine all the time?

Live The Rainbow

Day turns into night
A glistening pile of wet leaves
the forest damp in the moonlight
A snuffling breath, a light step
a twig snapping in the icy air
These are the seasons of life
one follows the other
the variations of a felt life
A connected, alive life
Where misery runs alongside sympathy
alongside mystery
alongside gratitude
And all is well
It is not for us to say THIS
But not This
This, but not That
In the surrender of the felt life
where we are not dead to nuance
we are alive to all the colors of experience
a broad spectrum
And we find peace in yellow
as well as green, as well as blue
and sometimes there is purple
It is just a natural part of life
Life is not just red
All the time