We had SO many great comments when I asked for your help in finalizing the title for my new book on constipation. I gotta say, you guys REALLY made me think hard, reassess and generally threw me into a real right tizzy of indecision.

In the end, I decided to stick with the branding of “Listen To Your…” so I’m keeping the title the same. However, I’ve made “Constipation” in the sub-title red – to make it jump out more – which several of you suggested.

Just to make the draw for the winner of the free softcover book a little more fun, I had 2 of my little monkeys help me. For those of you who remember the pictures of Hugo when he was born, he is now three! And my daughter Zara is six. So, watch this video to find out who won the book….

As you can see, we also drew for 2 winners of the ebook version of Listen To Your Colon.

So big thank you again to everyone who left their feedback. And remember, you can still pre-order the book at a big discount. Here’s what some readers have said about the book (I sent it out to a few already for feedback and testing):

****I did the recommended treatment for the constipation as given in the ebook and I have been going everyday since. I am very happy with the recommendations from the book and plan to do another probiotic retention enema when I get the rectum healed.
– Laurinda K.

Hey Jini, Wow, great job! I did not read through the entire work tonight, but skimmed it all and focused on the constipation, remedies for children (the adaptations) and the dietary suggestions.
Thank you, thank you. For everything. What a gift that you have made beauty out of your own journey of healing. Your transparency and desire to see others experience freedom in their health is awesome. Thanks again.
– Favian K.

Your book is very enlightening so far- I never looked at constipation that way- Actually I never really thought I was constipated- just terribly irregular!!
– Nadine P.

I had a look at your book and I really enjoyed it! No seriously, I am someone who has this problem (hope that is not too much information) and I found your suggestions helpful – really liked the holistic approach to solving these types of problems. It is obvious that you have looked at the research from all angles comprehensively – especially with identifying the different types of constipation – which I did not know there was so many – and explaining how to treat them. I agree with you completely that most ailments can be healed naturally and use of the pharmacutical is ridiculous. Medical doctors do not always have the best treatment options. In fact, I beginning to wonder if some of them know anything at all! I am looking forward to trying some your suggestions – will keep you posted! I am sure there are many other people out there who will be grateful for this information.
– Jane S.

P.S. If you are one of the contest winners and you haven’t received an email from me – check your junk/spam folder. If you still can’t find it, then email me at: service @ HolisticHealthShoppe.com