snaketapestryFor those of you who have received my email about the AWESOME Healing Retreat we’ve got planned for people with Serious Or Chronic Illness – I would love to hear your feedback about what you think of the price, event curriculum, etc. Please leave your comments, questions, ideas in the COMMENTS section below…

I also received this email from a reader already and he brings up some very valid points – for which I am very grateful he took the time to write:

I am writing in regards to the May retreat you are offering in San Diego. While I am a fan of Jini’s work and would love to meet her one day and to also be part of this event, I find the price absolutely outrageous. I don’t doubt that people will invest in this event but for many people it makes this 2 day event untouchable. I have done week long retreats with equally knowledgeable teachers for around this
price point.

So while I was looking forward to my wife and I attending this weekend we unfortunately will not be able to at this time. As someone who has organized retreats myself I know what is involved, so what makes the
event so costly? Please consider that you limit your demographic by keeping fees at this level and after all this is about helping people heal right?

Thanks SO MUCH for your feedback. The price point was something we had a lot of trouble addressing in that it was difficult to find a venue that could accommodate the health sensitivities and dietary needs of the people who are likely to attend, AND be close to an airport so people didn’t have the stress of extra travel – especially if you are holding a retreat for more than 20 – 30 people. In fact, you can read about my difficulties finding a venue here:

I can’t comment on the pricing others have set for their retreats since I don’t know a) how many people were in attendance. For example, there is a local healer (Adam Dreamhealer) in Vancouver here, who charges only $150 for a 1 day (5 hour) event – but he holds this event in his hometown (no travel, or accommodation, or childcare costs for him or his staff) and he does not provide any food – only water. Lastly, he gets 600 people in the room at a time.

Annabel and I considered holding this retreat locally – which would eliminate a substantial expense for us – but then everyone else would have to travel to Canada (international flights are more expensive), and then have either another long drive or a ferry ride + a drive AFTER a long flight = not good for ill people. Also, it is difficult to find a venue that is willing to cater so extensively to food restrictions (dairy-free, gluten-free, only cold-pressed oils, 100% natural, etc.) for a large group.

So, yes, I sure wish we could have set the price cheaper than $760 (Early-bird price,  less 10% Gold Member discount – only costs $9.95 to become a Gold Member of JPT Wellness Circle) for the evening and 2 days (8 hours/day).

We could have made it cheaper if we held it in say… a church or community hall and everyone just brought yoga mats to sit on – but would that work for 8 hours a day? It would be difficult to control the heating/ventilation and would the space feel nurturing and healing? Then they would also have to rent a car so they could drive out for food, or bring all their own food and drinks… but then we wondered if people who are already in fragile health would want to come when faced with all the “extras” and unknowns they would have to think about/plan for, or would it just seem like too much trouble, or too much discomfort?

In the end, we had to make a decision about the type of event, 3-star hotel vs. 5-star hotel, food or no food, travel, comfort, etc. So we chose the conditions that would be most conducive (we thought) to what we’re trying to effect here – relaxation, safety and healing.

We’re wide open to suggestions though – do you know of a venue that could accommodate all the elements outlined above for substantially cheaper than the Estancia La Jolla? Don’t forget, we are providing morning refreshments (fruit, granola, baked goods, and drinks), full gentle-gut catered lunch (8 dishes plus dessert and drinks) and afternoon refreshments (fruit, munchies, cookies, trail mix and drinks). We chose California since a large percentage of our customers are West Coast – thereby cutting the travel costs for them.

Oh wait, I actually did find a venue in the Napa Valley that met our health requirements and it would have been about $200 cheaper. However, when I did the final check to see past visitor’s feedback on Trip Advisor – I found out this “eco-hotel” was in the middle of town, located next to a strip mall! People said the rooms were poorly maintained and most said they would never stay there again. Plus it was a one-hour drive from the nearest airport. When I checked the visitor feedback for Estancia La Jolla – people said they felt this great peace and calm come over them the minute the taxi drove through the gates, the gardens, grounds (9.5 acres of greenery) were so beautiful and peaceful with lots of private spaces, staff was great, food was great, BEST conference space they’d ever been to, etc. etc. It was no contest.

So, I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas and likewise for anyone else reading this post, or who also would really like to attend the LISTEN TO YOUR BODY Mind/Body/Spirit Healing Retreat.

Because as you pointed out – if no one can come, then no one’s going to benefit from the powerful healing anyway!

Please leave me any and all of your ideas in the COMMENTS section below…. While I may feel I have examined every possibility, I’m sure others may be able to come up with a way to make it work better for everyone, so I really am open to any and all ideas. We REALLY would love to have this be an enjoyable, powerful, affordable healing experience for the greatest number of people possible.

Soar higher,


Listen To Your Body Healing Retreat

8 thoughts on “Listen To Your Body Healing Retreat

  • Hi Jini,

    Thanks for this blog. It has raised some really important points, and I wanted to add a few of my own.

    Our weekend event is a retreat, and not a regular two day workshop, where people go home after each day, or stay in a motel. It’s a complete experience which we want people to be talking about afterwards, and that includes their enjoyment of the venue. The way the retreat is being organised, the attendees will not have to worry about where to eat, or if the food will be suitable for their diet, etc. I believe we’ve thought carefully about covering all eventualities.

    Admittedly, there are many kinds of retreats out there, but we don’t know what the end results are, or if attendees learned tools they could take home and use.

    In planning our retreat, one of the main criteria has always been “will the participants be able to use this information when they get home?” We don’t want people returning home on a real high, and then feeling they can’t continue the healing afterwards. We will be giving each participant tools so they feel confident enough to continue working on their healing on their own. In that way, our retreat is unique.

    Pricing an event is often contentious. As I’ve built my skills as an EFT Practitioner and business owner, I’ve attended more workshops and conferences than I care to remember! Many business conferences I’ve been to have been in the region of $1,000-$2,000 for a two day event. I looked at the value over the cost and considered how the information would benefit my business, and the results I’d receive afterwards.

    I’m always interested that many people are willingly pay those sorts of prices when it comes to business development, or indeed in other areas of life paying for professional services, yet possibly their health is not given the same considerations and commitments.

    Anyway, these are just some thoughts I’ve had.
    Warm wishes,

  • Sounds like it will be both a fun and instructive retreat. It would make sense to allow people to choose which type of experience/package they want with different price grades – all inclusive is the full experience as you’ve described and at the other end it could be just the bare minimum for those who would like to have the 8 hours of healing instruction with Jini but for whom finding their own accommodation and food would be preferable due to the fact the price tag of the full meal deal would be a personal sacrifice they simply can’t make at this time. This would be the fairest – but probably would result in some loss for Jini and company as they have invested both time and money in organizing the retreat.

  • I am currently unemployed and so I couldn’t afford to come unless it is free. Keep on helping people. God Bless you.

  • Since I will be attending a conference held later this year, I could not really afford to go to your “retreat” as well. I wish I could attend, but since I am retired, it is not possible. However, I need to let you know that I have started working out in my local YMCA, I am feeling so much better. I have reduced my need for pain meds which is a huge plus. That will be my motivation to keep going to the gym.
    Jeanne Akin

  • I have not decided if I can attend yet since I actually live in Canada. I do appreciate the attention to the extras. When I am able to travel I usually need access to a kitchen because eating out everyday is not an option for me. I liked the specifics on the menu so I could feel comfortable about maybe getting a break from cooking. I also appreciated the later start time. Often if I have had a bad night being able to sleep more can be a saving grace. Thank-you for the extra info about the area and even other hotel options. It is funny how small everyday things can be stressful when you have a chronic condition.

  • I read the description of this wonderful retreat with much anticipation, an open mind and heart. I was so relieved and pleased with what you have to offer – the teachings, the tools, helping me take hold of my healing power, all in a peaceful environment. The venue sounds absolutely perfect and conducive to the goals of the retreat. My heart sank when I saw the cost. I have no doubt that it is reasonable for what is being offered. I simply do not have the funds. I am disappointed because NOW is when I need something like this retreat. I do hope that others will be able to take advantage of this. Thank you, Jini and Annabel for taking the time to put this together.

  • I think it all sounds really wonderful and I really like this idea. I could be nearly tempted to come along but as I live in Australia travel would cost waaay too much. But one in Australia would be ace!

  • Thanks to all of you who expressed interest in the Listen To Your Body Healing Retreat in May. We had a really positive response. Unfortunately, it seems that May is just too soon for people to get time off work, make arrangements, book flights, etc.

    Many of you also wrote in to say that you would LOVE to come, but simply cannot afford it. I hear you. Even if we made the Retreat itself free, the cost of flights, accommodation, meals, would still be prohibitive to many in these economic times.

    Annabel and I are thinking about ways we could make the Retreat content “virtual” – so that you could get the same results/shift/healing, without having to travel anywhere. I’m wondering if there are ways we can deliver the content to you in your home via video, teleclasses, CD recorded meditations, etc. hmmmmm….

    We would only want to do this if we were convinced you could get the same level of healing and transformation. So leave it sit with us a while longer. I have some ideas, but I need time to explore them further. I’ll contact you if we come up with anything.

    Thanks again for your enthusiasm and support,

    p.s. If you have any feedback or ideas, please leave them here below.

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