If you’ve ever been to the teleseminar section in my Shoppe, you’ll know that I’ve done a LOT of teleseminars with many fabulous guests. Oh, and we’ve recently dropped the price big-time on all of them too!

So although each one has great knowledge, tips and shortcuts to share, if I had to pick my top 3 favorite teleseminars… I couldn’t!

But I guess I can get it down to FOUR and they would be:

When The Body Says No with Dr. Gabor Mate

DrGaborMateDr. Mate’s wisdom and insights (and practical methods of assessing and getting to the root of issues, symptoms, etc.) that he shares with us on this call, have already caused a profound shift in my life. Here is just a smidgen of the things we talked about:

  • What specific patterns, thoughts and beliefs have you noticed are common with people with IBD and IBS?
  • How can we change unhealthy behaviour patterns if they are part of our core personality, or if we actually enjoy being that way?
  • Is it correct that the nervous system controls inflammation in the gut? If so, what conditions are going to make the nervous system produce inflammation?
  • A big risk factor for all kinds of illness is “the repression of anger” (pg. 86 of “When The Body Says No”). What forms does this take? What’s the difference between suppression and repression. And is there any difference according to which way you express your anger – do different methods of expression result in a negative or positive consequence on our health?
  • What causes hormonal migraines?
  • What’s the link between the throat and the internal anal sphincter?
  • What can you do if your gut is telling you to do one thing, but your spouse’s gut is telling them to do something else? How can you still maintain your health in that situation?
  • The difference between your core personality and your adopted, or acquired personality.
  • How loss of control, or not feeling in control, results in the stress response, which results in illness.

And so much more!

EFT Mind/Body Interactive Healing Session with Annabel Fisher

annabel-blueIn this teleseminar, you don’t just listen in, but you actively participate and receive the healing benefits! We tap together on the acupressure points and clear some aspects of the harmful thoughts and behaviour patterns involved in chronic illness, such as:

  • How to say “No”, to keep ourselves from doing or taking on too much
  • Banishing the guilt that keeps us from resting or taking things easy
  • Letting go of perfectionism and achievement-driven behaviour; again, these cause tension and prevent us from getting the rest we need
  • Letting go of “people pleasing” desires and behaviour – these push us beyond our limits and result in stress and exhaustion
  • How to respect your own needs and seek balance in your life
  • Dealing with grief from the loss of a loved one
  • Dealing with the fear and stress produced by disease flare-ups

This is an incredibly cheap way to do some serious mind/body healing – Annabel normally charges $180 for a 90 minute session! So don’t miss out.

You can see how powerful this interactive healing session is by what people said during the teleseminar:

“I’m actually feeling a sense of relief. And a little bit of a sense of empowerment and I’m not feeling as much of a pressure in my chest. And that’s the first time I’ve ever done EFT, so I’m pretty surprised.” – Caller #1

“I didn’t feel any specific emotions come up or anything, but I did feel much calmer when we were finished. What I did feel though, physically, was I felt like light-headed a bit and I felt – almost like a piece of energy – when we did the karate chop point and also the side of the eye, I felt something release – like, whoosh – through my head.” – Caller #4

And here’s what people emailed me with after this teleseminar:

“I slept well and found that yesterday I had a wonderful sense of well-being and practically no peripheral nerve pain over the course of the day. The beginnings of a slight Crohn’s flare also seem to have subsided. I am deeply grateful for the healing work both you and Annabel are doing.” – F.B.

“It was the first time I have ever done one of these and I was blown away. It was so helpful. I slept really well after we all hung up. Got five hours in a row, which is tremendous for me (when the UC is acting up I am lucky to get 45 minutes to an hour at a stretch on some nights). Bless you for doing this for all of us who are going through this experience, it is priceless to have this community!” – J.K.

Chronic Illness & Hormone Imbalance with Dr. Wendy Ellis

dr-wendy-ellisWhat are the signs and symptoms to look for that indicate your hormones are unbalanced? How do your hormones and glandular function affect your gut? And how can you get treatment?

In this teleseminar we get into the very important signs and signals that show that your hormones are unbalanced and how this can affect your existing illness.

We also talk about effective testing methods and diagnostic procedures. Dr. Ellis gives detailed instructions for supplements and nutrients you need to take to support your adrenal gland – which is primarily affected by immunosuppressant drugs.

It was a hard choice between this telseminar and the other one I did with Dr. Ellis on hormone imbalance for those over age 35 – so if that sounds like you, be sure to check them both out!

And finally, I’m going to close with my most recent teleseminar, which is also just fabulous:

Why Patients Are Unable To Heal with Dr. Paul Goldberg

paul-goldberg1In this one, I talk with Dr. Paul Goldberg – who specializes in chronic disease reversal – about all the reasons a patient may be unable to get well, and how to change those outcomes. Dr. Goldberg healed himself of ulcerative colitis and rheumatoid arthritis and has remained in vibrant health for over 30 years – so he knows firsthand what he’s talking about!

If you’ve ever felt stalled in your own Healing Journey, then don’t miss this opportunity to run yourself through Goldberg’s checklist and see which of these issues are present in your own life – and get some ideas and direction about what you can do to address these issues.

During the discussion, Dr. Goldberg shares many tips and ideas about how to improve the microbial balance in your body, dietary interventions, reconnecting with the healing force of nature and other goodies!