This poem reminds us that the healing journey is just that – a JOURNEY.

But it is also a transformative journey. Who you are by the end, the person that rises like a phoenix from the ashes…is a much greater, more powerful YOU.

This video features my black horse, Kaliah, along with the rest of my magical herd. The music was composed by Jenny Andrews (you may recognize that name, as she helped me develop the Lazer Tapping Self-Healing course for y’all!). And the dancers are two of my amazing children – Zara and Hugo Patel Thompson, aged 17 & 13. Both attend a Fine Arts school where they dance, and my daughter Zara is also a competitive gymnast. Aren’t I lucky to have such talent at my fingertips?

I hope you enjoy this fusion video (poem, dance, music) as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Undiscovered Power

You say that I’m frightening
yet you behold me with love
Deep in your veins throbs an answering rhythm
a cadence of heat
a gathering momentum

Perhaps I’m so intrepid
because I reflect back your undiscovered depth
In the black of my reflecting pool
you discover your own depth

Like the vastness of a starry night
the eye travels on forever
into the inky darkness
surrounded by explosions of light

Like a cyclone gathering speed
through a tunnel of discontent
Bursting finally upon the landscape of its expression
Wreaking rushing cleaning blasting devastation along its path

But then comes the freshness of renewal
as the old debris is cleared
to make way for the rebirth of you
the manifestation of your whirlwind
The maelstrom of your undiscovered power
Rise! sister

(c) 2020 Jini Patel Thompson. Caramal Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

Music by Jennifer Andrews
Slow-motion horse footage by Kenneth Berentzen

Original post January 2020. Most recently updated January 2021.