dr-katharina-johnsonThe noteworthy thing about Dr. Katharina Johnson is that not only is she a Medical Intuitive, she is also a Medical Doctor (MD). And if you’ve ever wondered what a medical intuitive does – and how she melds that with the scientific MD side of herself… well come on in!

Here are some of the fascinating things you will learn in this call:

  • How Dr. Katharina carries out a medical intuitive reading for a client – what she sees and how that information is transmitted to her.
  • Where the interface is between the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body.
  • Why diseases come back after being healed – or re-surface in another area of the body.
  • What is the most important self-healing thing you can do.
  • When you should use medical methods and when you should not.
  • And much more!

Click the PLAY button below to listen in, or click here to DOWNLOAD this 45-minute exploration into the world of the medical intuitive.

Listen To Your Gut
Listen To Your Gut
Inside the World of a Medical Intuitive - with Dr. Katharina Johnson

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