I don’t know if you’ve been getting nervous about the state of our earth, our climate, our population density, our food production, etc…. but I sure have!

For a couple years now I’ve been researching alternative energy sources, gardening techniques and even going “off the grid”.

Recently I watched this fabulous film made by a woman who is a filmmaker and then inherited her family’s farm in Devon, UK. So now she is faced with many of the same issues I’ve been reading about, but she needs a solution FAST.

She made this film about her discovery of the problems with the current agricultural farming model and its reliance on oil and gas, and then her search and discovery of innovative solutions – and it is fascinating!

Best of all, as she is a filmmaker first, this film is very well done; interesting, enjoyable and made me feel hopeful and even inspired. It made me feel that even a real non-gardener like me could possibly manage to feed my family if I had to:


Nicole Paull also did a fabulous teleseminar for us at JPT Wellness Circle about urban and balcony gardening – providing lots of practical advice for those of you who’d like to just get going on growing some of your own food, even if you live in an apartment!

The slow food, eat local, eat organic movements are growing in popularity and now we have urban gardening to add to the mix – a much better use for your yard than a plain grass carpet, if you ask me. And for those of you who are wondering about the value of self-sufficiency (heat, electricity, water supply, food supply), this film will probably make you realize that you need a lot less land to do this than you previously thought.

Soar higher,