First of all, please keep in mind that fructose is a very different substance from high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) or glucose-fructose. And if you check the literature carefully, it is these two latter products that have been linked to all the health problems. We have an in-depth article on the distinction in Issue #18 of Good Health Is Real Wealth.

Because fructose must be changed to glucose in the liver in order to be utilized by the body, blood glucose levels do not rise as rapidly after fructose consumption compared to other simple sugars or even complex carbohydrates. For example, the glycemic load calculation for 10 grams of fructose is only 2. In comparison, the glycemic load for a slice of bread is 10, an apple is 7, and a cup of white rice is 26.

Fructose is not transported directly into the bloodstream after digestion and absorption, but is converted into glycogen in the liver where it is stored and used for energy at a later time. A recent trial demonstrated that no increase is seen in blood glucose after ingestion of fructose at 15 grams or less. This lowered glycemic response with fructose ingestion appeared to be most effective in those individuals who had the poorest glucose tolerance profiles. In non-diabetic individuals, fructose consumption results in little to no discernible rise in blood insulin levels.

Most meal replacement or elemental diet products use artificial sweeteners like aspartame, splenda/sucralose, or acesulfame-K. Independent research has shown all of these artificial sweeteners to be harmful to the body – for more information do an Internet keyword search on any of the sweeteners above.

Absorb Plus does not use any artificial or chemical ingredients, period. Our elemental formula is sweetened only with natural fructose, stevia, and 100% natural flavor extracts.

We also offer a fructose-free vanilla flavor for those who don’t want any added sweetener. It’s always a good idea to consult with your doctor if you are still unsure whether the product is right for you. If you have diabetes, you may not be able to use elemental shakes (like Absorb Plus), due to the rapid uptake of nutrients to the bloodstream – again, check with your doctor.

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Dr. Michael T. Murray’s Natural Facts Newsletter 2/3/2004