For those of you who either hate going to the dentist, or can’t afford to go to the dentist… what can you do when you have a tooth that’s rotting?

Well, the first thing you can do is use wild oregano oil to kill any infection and reduce inflammation:

Then, you can make yourself a temporary filling until you can afford to go to the dentist:

1/8 tsp zinc oxide powder
1 drop eugenol clove oil (or wild oregano oil)

  • Mix until you have a thick putty
  • Your tooth must be DRY
  • Tamp putty into cavity with a rounded toothpick or dental tool. Tamp it down as hard as you can.
  • After tamping, floss down and pull through – don’t lift floss back up or it may catch and pop out the filling.
  • Put a piece of plastic wrap over the rest of the putty to keep it from drying out, so you can use it again.

You can get zinc oxide powder on Amazon or your local pharmacy may carry it.

As he says in the video, you can also use Black spruce gum – it’s amber in color and you chew it until soft, then insert it into your tooth cavity. It is also antiseptic.

How To Make A Temporary Filling for a Tooth Cavity

22 thoughts on “How To Make A Temporary Filling for a Tooth Cavity

    1. Hi Mei,

      If you are or think you might be allergic to cloves then you’ll definitely want to use wild oregano oil instead (or vice versa).

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • There is a lot of research being done on the use of eggshell toothpaste in the treatment and prevention of cavities. Eggshells or oyster shells will work to make toothpaste and can easily be made at home.

  • I realise this is slightly off subject but I have just been diagnosed with periodontal disease. I have swollen and bleeding gums in 2 places and no loose or wobbly teeth. I was going to follow the Periodontist’s advice and have 1 tooth extracted, although this tooth appears to be fine some of the bone around it has gone.
    Anyway after an email from your site I looked into the antibacterial properties of Wild Oregano Oil and thought I should give it a go! I am deferring or hopefully cancelling the periodontal treatment for a couple of months to see if I am successful. I can buy WOO (77% Carvacrol) in Australia where I live but Bone Support does not seem to be available. I am also taking Vitamin D3 and Cod Liver Oil.
    Can Bone support be sent to Australia?
    I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis many years ago and purchased LTYG which has helped me and friends considerably.
    Best regards

    1. Hi Sandra,

      We wish you all the best and please post your results here, we would love to hear how it works out for you. For the Bone support, LTYG ship worldwid. As always, international shipping times are based upon location of the delivery. We use FedEx Intl Priority service for all international shipments due to the reliability, tracking transparency and quick/predictable trip through customs. Shipping typically take between 3-4 business days.

      If you have any additional questions please let me know.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

      PS. Imix has also been working with an Australian health company for the past year, developing an AU-compliant version of an elemental shake called, ElementGold. And Jini have formulated this one too, although some of the ingredient forms or amounts are different (due to Australian health regulations) you can be assured this elemental shake has a very similar taste and texture, and will provide the same level of bowel rest and healing.

      We hope to have the new Australian website ready by 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2017 and we will start it with Probiotics and we’ll be selling it through our new Aussie LTYG Shoppe. Australian elemental shake product will soon be available; and hopefully other supplements shortly thereafter.

    2. I used to have chronic gum disease and teeth problems in spite of regular brushing and flossing. I have many crowns in my mouth. Two things have reversed that trend and I no longer have gum disease (haven’t for over 6 years) and –knock on wood–I haven’t had a cavity in a number of years or needed any dental work–this seems a small miracle. The keys to my success are using a Sonicare Toothbrush, made by Phillips and I’ve become an obsessive user of toothpicks infused with Tea Tree oil. Tea Tree Therapy is the brand. A dental hygenist advised me to use toothpicks and Wow–what a difference. You can get under the gum line and get the bacteria. I keep them in my car, purse, office and beside my favorite reading chair.
      One other thing that I avoid is sweet drinks, colas and candy with corn syrup.
      I hope that helps ~
      Michelle USA

  • Thanks for sharing !! Actually i was looking for this. I was having a lot of doubts. But your ideas clear my all doubts. Thanks for sharing wonderful ideas!!

  • This is so awesome. I watched the video last week on doing your own temporary fillings, ordered the ingredients and filled my tooth the other day. Half a huge filling had fallen out. It did a great job but the fillings dropped down so I’m going to see if I can top it up today. It works like a charm though. It did take a lot longer to set than it does at the dentist so I’m guessing I needed to make it firmer.

    1. Hi Debra,

      We appreciate the updates and we’re glad to hear that you’re finding the process manageable. Thanks so much for sharing and we’re looking forward to hearing more about your progress!

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

  • My problem tooth is an upper incisor. I am diabetic and prone to infection. All of a sudden gums are painful and receding and that tooth has a cavity above the normal gumline. I cannot just drop a blob of that mixture on it. Have tried tea tree oil and salt water; still hurts. Cannot afford a dentist, still waiting for medical assistance.
    Am losing weight cause I don’t want to eat it hurts so much! Any advice?
    Thank you a million.
    I have bad reactions to most chemicals/ medicines do prefer the natural ways.

  • Hi, this is an update to my post of May, 2017.
    Shortly after my post, I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia and I decided to put my periodontal treatment on hold. But at home I continued to use Wild Oregano Oil every day until September when I stopped using it. I either put a drop of oil on my toothbrush and brushed normally or a drop on a cotton bud which I then put on my gums.
    The swelling and bleeding of my gums has practically cleared. Last week I returned to the dentist for a checkup, she could not believe the improvement of my gums. Yes, my gums have receded more but this enabled the dentist to clean more of my teeth and although she still thinks I should go to the periodontist. I should only need 1 visit rather than the 4 I was told initially.
    I have also used Interdental brushes recommended by the periodontist twice a day before brushing. These have been very good, much better than flossing and I have reduced the size of these brushes because I no longer have such large spaces between my gums and teeth.
    As for the WOO I have got “used” to its hotness and now have started to use it again on my toothbrush a couple of times a week. My CML is responding to treatment and so has my gum disease!

    Kind regards

    1. Wow Sandra, We really appreciate the updates and we’re glad to hear about your improvements. Thanks so much for sharing and we’re looking forward to hearing more about your progress!

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

  • Tried the filling myself today. Packed with dental cotton and paper towels. Took about an hour and a half to dry. Seems to be holding in okay when I prod at it. Won’t try eating again until tomorrow but we will see how it holds up. Looks good this far though. I grind my teeth a lot too especially in my sleep so I’m eager to see how it does with that.

  • Hi i need your help.
    I had my teeth filled 6years ago but now one of filling has comeout and i am in very sever pain every day i am using salt water and taking Tylenol.As you know its to expensive to go to dentist.Please help me if i do is filling at home then what to do for fix because someone above the comment mention that he’s s filling comeout what should i do for that and how long this filling will stay in tooth please answer me.Thanks

  • Grind a few cloves, add a spoonful on water and store it on a small bottle. It keeps for a long time and a couple of drops over the tooth is all you need to take the pain way. You can alternate it with sea salt (free of fluor) also.

  • I need a filling but can’t afford a dentist for another Month. My question is will it cause pain like hot/cold liquids do when it touches, and what will happpen in a month when I see the dentist? Is it easy for him to remove?

  • With dental work being so expensive, I have had to rely on numerous home remedies to alleviate pain from infections and to fill my own cavities. The pain from dental problems is no joke . I’d rather go through labor with no epidural or drugs than deal with dental pain. I have tried using TempDemp and it failed so many times. After I came across this article, I hurried and purchased high quality zinc oxide and clove oil (eugenol). I have a small cavity on the front of my tooth and I cleaned it out very well and kept it dry .. after mixing and obtaining a good texture and I went ahead and patted layer and layer until it was overfilled and softly scraped off the excess .. I let it set for about 30 minutes. I must say .. I am utterly amazed!! The filling literally took my sensitive pain away and it has lasted for days so far. I am able to eat and drink, while being conscious about the filling, and it is still remaining strong. Thank You So So Very Much!! I can’t believe how cheap it was to obtain professional dental work at home .. and I still wonder why dental work is expensive when the same materials used are so very cheap. This WILL work for you if you are patient, diligent and meticulous. Hope this helps others who suffer as I do!!

    1. Hi Alicia,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your story and we are very happy to hear that this is working for you!

      Best regards,
      Customer Care

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