Recently I was interviewed by Kavi Jezzie Hockaday in the UK. Here’s what he has to say about the interview:

“This is an amazing 2 hour interview! Jini Patel Thompson has written many books, and I have to say, she has the BEST INFORMATION I have come across. If you, or anyone you know, has any sort of Gut issue, point them to this woman, to this interview and tell them IT IS ENTIRELY POSSIBLE to heal their condition. And this applies to all diseases.”

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How To Heal Gut Disorders – Kavi Interviews Jini

2 thoughts on “How To Heal Gut Disorders – Kavi Interviews Jini

  • It is good to know about the procedures and risks involved. I do not choose to get a colonoscopy as a result of issues with the sterilization process and how that could effect me, but moreover, because I am at low risk of colorectal or any can cer for that matter. it is paramount that I build a strong immune system, avoid inflamation, detoxify daily, supplement and eat nutirnt dense, high fiber and low glycemic foods. I address weigh baring, stretching and cardio activities 5+ times a week, I keep stress down and eat real, organic foods. I avoid toxins and chemicals as much as possible. I do things and choose to be around eople that make me happy. I don’t think cancer would like me much. I think that if we made health and well being a top priority, we wouldn’t even be having this debate.
    That being said, most Americans could not share the same regimen and therefore cancer becomes a real threat. With family history of cancers, such invasive technology would be advised. It is up to us as advocates of our own health to speak out for better ways of testing. this is the only way to make change. Changing ourselves is always the most effective, however.
    Most of us have some stage of cancer present i our bodies at this very moment. Where that cancer goes is completely and totally up to us.
    Yours in clean living,
    Jo Anna

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