Whether you believe in past lives, or not, is not really important. You may view time as linear, or you may subscribe to the more current view in physics of time as multi-layered, circular, enfolding into itself in multiple holograms, etc. You could view the whole concept of past/other lives as simply symbolic representations from your subconscious. It’s all good!

I grew up in the evangelical Christian church (although my father is Hindu) and I didn’t believe in past lives either… until my health and my spiritual pathway ‘forced’ me into this exploration – as I talk about in the video below.

If you have a chronic condition, or acute/severe condition or accident/trauma, or perhaps a very sticky yet negative relationship – these could all originate in past/other lifetimes. Or in the symbolic representations of your subconscious! Regardless, perhaps they are coming forward for healing…

If you prefer, here is the podcast audio-only version of this video:

Listen To Your Gut
Listen To Your Gut
How Past Lives Can Affect Your Current Life & Body

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If you’d like to do past life regression therapy, look for a certified hypnotherapist that specializes in past lives. My children and I have all had sessions with Jenny Andrews and she’s fantastic!

If you want just information about past lives that may be involved in your current situation, then a good psychic or healing intuitive will likely be able to give you some information or insight into anything that’s pertinent. I can highly recommend Dr. Juliet Ghodsian (or Jenny Andrews) for that.

If you have a story about your own process of healing that involves past/other lives, I’d love to hear it!