This is a fantastic story and it resonated with me because I repeatedly get comments on my blog or Facebook page with people saying things like, well, Jini’s really remarkable that she can accomplish this, or live like this… things like that.

And I’ve always felt: What?? So this guy’s story really gets the same message across that I feel deeply: It doesn’t matter what you come in with, what your past or childhood has dealt you. The ONLY thing that matters is what you do TODAY.

What are you doing today, right now, this hour, with what you’ve got to work with? And again. And again. Just keep asking and answering that same question, every hour, all day long, 7 days a week, and so on.

Not asking for things to be different. Not waiting for things to get better.

What are you doing today, right now, this hour, with what you’ve got to work with? Repeat. Over and over. He tells it better than me:

How Do You Become Amazing?

2 thoughts on “How Do You Become Amazing?

  • Wow. What an inspiring human being that man is.
    It is wonderful how creative you are, Jini, in bringing your unique skills and knack for making the seemingly impossible appear possible and within the reach of people looking for such hope. However, I wonder if you have any tips for dealing with those energy vampires and forces of negativity that one may have in their lives – as they can significantly impact the perspective and drive of people who are already burdened. I had strongly recommended to someone close to me that they check out the wisdom you have to offer, but their partner, for a lack of a better phrase, is a real drag. I honestly think he was bent on self-punishment for establishing this relationship in which he himself admits a lack of fulfillment, but is now just stuck from making any positive progress in his life. I definitely believe one has the potential to be amazing, but they need to put themselves in the company of those who would allow them to foster such possibilities. Here’s to dreaming big, and living bigger.

  • People like that are one of the top forms of saboteur. The best technique is to learn how to enclose yourself in an energetic boundary and then HOLD that boundary. If you sleep in the same bed with them, ask whoever you call the divine to hold the boundary for you while you sleep. Once you can protect your own energetic body and apace, you will begin to be able to work out what is yours and what is theirs. Then you can begin to strengthen yourself.

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