Did you know that:

1.4 million people at any given time are suffering from a hospital-acquired infection?

98,000 people per year die from hospital-acquired infections in the U.S.?

For more information on which infections are commonly picked up in a hospital environment and also how to protect yourself if you do wind up in the hospital, this site is useful.

For myself, I wound up with pneumonia and 7 different bacterial infections immediately following the birth of my third child (long story with many mind/body components), so I did end up having to go to the hospital (since there are no natural hospitals where I live).

In addition to measures mentioned in the site above, I also:

  • used my own 100% cotton bedding and lined the mattress with a sheepskin from Ikea – trust me, this makes a huge different to comfort and prevents bedsores.
  • took Natren probiotics 3x/day
  • drank Absorb Plus shakes instead of eating nasty hospital food
  • kept the window open in the room at all times (choose an older hospital as these likely still have windows that open)
  • paid extra for a semi-private room
  • wrapped my hand in a towel or edge of the hospital gown before touching any door handle, elevator button etc. Advise your visitors to do this too.
  • when I got out of the hospital I went to my naturopathic clinic and received 10 IV Vitamin C infusions and 10 hydrogen peroxide. Also did acupuncture and inhaled glutathione. Remember that up to 40% of people suffer a secondary infection once the initial pathogen has been cleared – because the antibiotics wipe out your protective bacteria and you’re wide open for opportunistic infection. So in addition to the high dose probiotics, you need to also take preventive measures.
Avoid Hospital-Acquired Infections

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