Jini and Ian Patel ThompsonDo you remember the teleseminar I did with hormone expert Dr. Wendy Ellis (from Dr. Jonathan V. Wright’s clinic in Washington) on Hormone Balance For Chronic Illness?

Well, I’ve brought her back for another really timely topic faced by many:

How do you keep your hormones balanced after age 35?

Many men and women face classic symptoms of hormonal imbalance after age 35-40 like:

– thinning hair, dry skin
– fatigue, brain fog, memory issues
– weight gain or weight loss, difficulty building muscle
– gluten-intolerance
– estrogen dominance (uterine fibroids or breast cysts)
– cold hands and feet, etc. etc.

If you struggle with, or have been thinking about these issues, then prepare to have the light switched on and at long last some clarity on what to do.

Oh yes, and another big question Dr. Ellis answers: How do you get rid of that stubborn belly fat after age 40?

Click the links below to download either the Audio MP3 recording of the teleseminar, or the pdf transcript: