First off, in case you missed it, you can purchase the MP3 Audio recording or pdf written transcript of the Candida, Detox & More! teleseminar with Dr. Dean MD, ND here:


This is an absolute must-have resource for anyone with IBS or IBD. Dr. Carolyn Dean MD, ND specializes in Candida albicans overgrowth (yeast) treatment. She has written a whole book on it, actually!

And in this teleseminar she shares with us her super-effective treatment protocol, along with tips and special insider info for those really stubborn, or hard-to-define cases of yeast infection.

She outlines her special yeast-scrubber-sponge formula of bentonite clay, psyllium seed (or aloe vera if you prefer) and caprylic acid. This protocol is so effective because it absorbs and removes the 178 toxins given off by yeast, as well as the yeast itself. This prevents that awful die-off effect – that can make you sicker than the original infection!

This is then followed by high dose probiotic supplementation.

Dr. Dean introduces us to a new gentle, but effective detox agent, called phosphatidylcholine. This can be used to detox from Candida albicans, heavy metals, pesticides, etc. It is so gentle that it is a staple detox agent for autistic children. It is simultaneously healing for the gut and resolves constipation or spastic colon. Here’s the site where you can purchase it and also download an excellent informational pdf.

We also discuss the oft-ignored problem of hormone imbalance in people with colitis, Crohn’s, diverticulitis and IBS and what you can do about it – who you can go to for specialized treatment and testing.

Another great tip included is a brand new natural cortisol product that people can use to wean off that last 5 or 10 mg of Prednisone. If every time you try to get completely off Prednisone, your bleeding starts up again, then this is certainly something you’ll want to try. Dr. Dean even gives you the email for the doctor/company that has developed this product.

Like I said, these are MUST-TRY protocols! And Dr. Dean generously gives us all the dosage instructions and other info needed to implement them on this teleseminar.

Now, whether you purchase the teleseminar or not, here are some additional goodies Dr. Dean sent us after the call:

Here is the study she referenced by Dr. Santelmann in Norway (it includes Dr. Santelmann’s yeast/fungal diagnostic questionnaire, diet guidelines and challenge test). Click here to to download the pdf.


She also sent us a little more information on the Isocort we talked about on the call – can be used to help wean off Prednisone:

Dr. Shefrin, who developed Isocort, can be reached at:

info (at)


One pellet is equivalent to 2.45 mg of cortisol or hydrocortisone.

So he uses a 2:2:1 dosage:  2 pellets with breakfast, 2 pellets with lunch, and 1 pellet with supper.

Dr. William Jeffries used cortisone acetate which is 30% stronger, he used 5 TID. And his followers use these high doses.

But Isocort works wonderfully in this dosage of 2:2:1. More than adequate to accomplish the task of supporting weak adrenals.

Dr. Shefrin observed: You have to divide the dose up, can’t take it all at once. And there is a detrimentel effect if you use it at a dosage of 3:3:3. Because you are going to suppress the adrenal glands and that’s not what it is about. The adrenals are higher in the morning and diminish through the day and we are trying to support the adrenal gland in its normal physiological function.


I had a few more questions of my own for Dr. Dean, so here they are along with her answers:

Q: Can you take the bentonite/psyllium/caprylic acid mixture if you are experiencing intestinal bleeding?

A: I don’t think the psyllium would be good in bleeding…and probably not the caprylic acid. Wait until you’ve had no bleeding for several weeks before you begin.

Q: Likewise, can you take the phosphatidylcholine if you are having intestinal bleeding?

A: Yes, there seems to be no problem there.

Q: Lastly, would you still have good results if you left out the psyllium from the bentonite/psyllium/caprylic acid mixture (many don’t tolerate it) and just used bentonite and caprylic acid?

A: Ah, I add aloe when I take out the psyllium. Didn’t get to that part!!


So there you have it, I would think the yeast-sweep mixture of bentonite/George’s Aloe Vera/caprylic acid would be very effective, yet soothing.

Please leave a comment below if you try any of these protocols and let me know your results!

soar higher,

Help For Stubborn Yeast Infections – Candida albicans

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  • I have been a JPT Gold Member for a while now. I never received the Pfd transcript of the latest Teleseminar with Dr. Dean on Candida albicans. I never received the Pfd transcript of theTeleseminar with Jin ianswering questions from Nicole either. Jini had emailed me a while back sayihg I would receive Pfd transcripts as part of my Gold Membership. The last time you sent an infoletter I didn’t receive it as a download link, so you sent it as an attachment and I received it then. I sent an email to Danielle on Dec. 3 about this but received no reply. I really need Dr. Dean’s since I have the yeast overgrowth problem. Please help!

  • Thanks for such an important articles about colon cleanse. This is a very needed because my friend brother is suffering from the problem of colon and i want to help please guide me.

  • Hi Sherry,

    I checked with Danielle and she let me know that we have sent you emails with all the information you outlined. Our system shows that the emails were indeed sent to you and also that your server has received the emails.

    Now, if the emails are not showing up in your Inbox, then they are either going into your junk folder, or being blocked somehow as “spam” by your ISP.

    Please check into this (and maybe contact your ISP to find out why you are not getting our emails). If you still can’t access them, then let me know and I will find another way to get them to you – perhaps I can put all the content/links up on a private webpage…

    The good news is I am currently working (with my programmer) on a completely new JPT Wellness Circle website – where all of the information will be accessible online (instead of being emailed to you), both past and present content, at all times.

    But in the meantime, check your junk and spam settings, check with your ISP and then let me know here – either email service (at) or post another comment here.

    thanks and sorry for all the hassle you’re having,

  • Thanks for such an important articles about colon cleanse.because some of my relative suffered from the yeast problem.
    i have some solution which is also effective

  • Hello Jini,

    Thank you so much for all the helpful info for stubborn yeast! I am going to look into this yeast scrubber and detox product. In the meantime, I was given Solaray Yeast Cleanse by my ND to kill the yeast, as I have finally committed to the diet as well. However, along with many other great, beneficial ingredients, I notice this product contains tea tree oil. 60mg in 6 pills or 10mg in 1, which is the dose I take. But I cannot find anything online to support ingesting tea tree oil of ANY kind…! Actually, everything I have found says NEVER to ingest it! However, my ND says it’s an effective yeast fighter, more so than garlic, oregano oil, etc. It seems to be a pure, powdered form, but I am still nervous to take it now as there seems to be caution surrounding this. Have you heard of this product or this remedy (tea tree oil) for candida? Your thoughts are very appreciated!!!! Thank you!

  • NATALIE – I found this answer to your question which looks like a good answer. I think the key is whether the 60 mg is standardized or 15% or some other dilution:

    “Tea tree (Melaleuca arternifolia) is extremely toxic at 0.5-1 ml/kg. So depending on your weight, it’s up there in terms of dosage, and could be approximating toxic levels. Is it possible that they’ve used 60mg of 15% tea tree??

    Note: Depending on how the label reads, that 60mg is most likely in the total serving (6 caps.) So if you only took 2 caps, you’re at 1/3 that full dose.

    Signs/symptoms of toxicity include: gastrointestinal upset, drowsiness, ataxia, hallucinations, coma.
    *laughing* Yes, I am really a doctor. And Solaray products are generally pretty good, which is why I asked whether it’s perhaps a 15% tea tree (thus reducing the toxicity.)

    It’s also possible that they’ve used raw herb (ie bark or flowers) and not the concentrated essential oil. It should read somewhere on the label what the standardized levels are.

    FYI – Topical tea tree oil is different from oral tea tree. And 60mg oral vs. a few drops in a douche… is like comparing apricots to bowling balls!
    Gary – if you’d read my answer, you’d have understood I was recommending AGAINST the “yeast cleanse.” I didn’t prescribe it!! *laughing*

    Surely my being a naturopathic doctor doesn’t make me responsible to justify every product available on the market around the globe?!
    Gary – As I tell my patients… Most of the “cleanse” products on the market consist of an irritant to stimulate bowel movements and some sort of herb to benefit liver function (such as milk thistle). They often also come with dietary recommendations. Generally, the products are unnecessary and the dietary changes would be sufficient to improve energy and digestion. And occasionally, “cleanse” products can cause more harm than good.”

  • Hi Shannon,

    You should definitely listen to the teleseminar in the blog post above if you haven’t already. Also, several suggestions have been listed above but you may want to consider Jini’s wild oregano protocol (p. 152 in Listen to Your Gut) and/or Minimize Gas & Bloating Diet (p. 220 in Listen to Your Gut) in order to combat your candida overgrowth. Another resource would be Jini’s symptom page for candida at the link below:

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • Hi Jini,

    Don’t know if posts this old still get checked and/or commented on, but I was wondering if you thought that changing out the psyllium for slippery elm bark powder? Hoping I can still achieve a similar “yeast-scrubber-sponge” action.

    Also, do you think diatomaceous earth can be a helpful adjunct to add to the mix, particularly if I’m dealing with a diagnosed and recalcitrant parasitic infection? (Both my candida and parasite numbers from Metametrix testing are disconcertingly high, and I’ve been chronically ill for many years now).

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Clay,

      It’s possible as long as the bentonite clay remains a part of the formula. Jini included slippery elm bark in the formulas for MucosaHeal, FissureHeal, and her healing implant enema kit due to its support against diarrhea/ulcers and to soothe inflamed mucous membranes of the stomach, intestines, and urinary tract. Psyllium is also recommended as a weapon against diarrhea but it cleanses the large intestines as well and has detox properties of its own. If you decide to try it then we’d love to hear how it works out for you!

      I’m afraid that we don’t have any experience with consuming diatomaceous earth.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

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